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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Hello and welcome to another edition of BTVS' Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments.

Today, we're taking a look at Season 9's Issue 16, wherein Billy gets some personal training by Buffy before he returns to Santa Rosita. It's also the issue where Buffy gets whisked away at a very inconvenient time by Illyria.

Our focus characters this issue are: Buffy, Billy the Vampire Hunter, Detective Dowling, Xander, and Dawn.

Our Characters Are A-Okay!

Buffy- Hmmm. I've nothing for Buffy.

Billy- I'm going to give Billy a Half-KUDO for coming along in the slaying arena. But this is the last one he gets just for doing his new job.

Robert- Nuthin' for Robert this time out.

Xander- Xander isn't receiving a kudo.

Dawn- No, Dawn is not receiving an award.

Our Characters Are Full Of Blah!

Buffy: I don't have a problem with Buffy.

Billy: I've nothing to slam Billy for.

Robert: Robert can get out without a demerit.

Xan: Xander doesn't earn my ire.

Dawn: Dawn isn't cruisin' for a demerit.

I've gotta issue a special Half-DEMERIT to Illyria -- her initial meeting with Buffy about the new Mystic Council does nothing to convince Buffy to be on their side.

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