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The posting and suchlike.


Hello, Gang!

  So, as you can see, there isn't a review for King Kong posted yet.

  I do plan on posting a few Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments posts, and I'll still be posting the BTVS and Angel & Faith comic reviews throughout the month of December. But this is going to be a really light posting month.

  I haven't gone anywhere, and harsens-rob at livejournal hasn't gone into a coma or anything. After this Holiday month, the work scheduling will be more regular again and other distractions will be resolved [the siding coming off the house gets replaced today... hopefully...].

  Things are generally looking so, so, so much better than earlier in the year and the mortgage I fell behind on due to the extended unemployment and lack of extended federal benefits because of our asshole Governor is being caught up a few hundred dollars a month at a time. This is a large load off of the overwhelmed brain!

  So, I haven't given up on reviews. I do still log in at least once or twice a week just to stay up to date on the friends page. It's just going to be a slow month before I return to a more regular posting schedule in January.

Thank You to You, My Readers and Commenters. Have a wonderful Holiday Season, whichever holiday(s) you embrace. Peace!


Oh, and also... Thank you Insomnia, can't tell you how good it is to have you drop by again. 
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