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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: "I Eat Your Skin"


Hello, and welcome back to our mini-series of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments. This time out we're going to focus on our "other" category by taking a closer look at our main characters in "I Eat Your Skin".

Our decidedly not gruesome tale [as the title is clearly trying to fool you into thinking it will be] is about a writer who is good-naturedly kidnapped by his literary agent to a tropical island because he's been too busy skirt chasing to do any actual work. But, OH NOES! There is zombie-making shenanigans afoot!

Our main players are:

Tom Harris: Our successful author, who is enjoying his fame a bit too much for his agent's liking.

Duncan Fairchild: Our literary agent who has to kidnap his meal ticket to get him back to writing.

Coral Fairchild: Our agent's wife who is also all but abducted to a paradise island by her husband.

Jeannie Biladeau: Our reclusive scientist's lonely daughter, who is torn between Tom's charm and his sleazy vibes.

Our Characters Are Inspiring!

Tom- Tom ultimately is successful in saving his, Duncan's, Coral's and Jeannie's lives and I'll begrudgingly give him a Half-KUDO.

Duncan- Tom's other Half-KUDO belongs to Duncan who also helps out in saving everyone listed above's lives.

Coral- Coral doesn't earn herself a kudo.

Ferndando the groundsman tries to convince Jeannie she's in danger in time for her to make a getaway. He's caught and punished, of course. But if it's any consolation, Fernando, you get a Half-KUDO [next time try not being so oblique].

August Biladeau gets a Half-KUDO for rescuing his daughter at a critical moment with a well thrown dagger.

Our Characters Are Insipid!

Tom: Tom is ridiculously foolish. After already being menaced by a "drugged out murderer" earlier that day, he thinks nothing of trying to seduce the scientist's daughter with a moonlit stroll. A moonlit stroll far from the main house... with the killer still on the loose... DEMERIT, dumbass.

Duncan: I'm not happy with Duncan encouraging his friend's habit of seducing and kicking to the curb otherwise naive women in order to get him to go on the island retreat with him. It's gross. But, it could also be just a line to reel in his wayward client, so I'm letting it slide. But 'ew'.

Coral: Coral, while personally annoying, doesn't do anything to earn a demerit.

Jeannie Biladeau receives a DEMERIT for her stupidity in, like Tom, thinking nothing of wandering out into the "dark night *cough cough*" when there is a MURDERER uncaptured nearby!

I must give August Biladeau a DEMERIT... but for what? The man is a wreck of irresponsibility. He's basically shouldering all of the responsibility for the deaths on the island, even though he's not even the super villain. Ugh... he's just the worst. His demerit is going to him for experimenting on people when his anti-cancer research with animals was going nowhere. His attempted, ill-advised short cuts led to three people's deaths even before Mr. Bentley's crazy scheme of a zombie army got started. And he didn't put up much of a fight to stop Mr. Bentley, basically giving in immediately to blackmail in regards to his illegal human experiments and not even warning Jeannie during one of her trips to San Juan to stay away for her own safety. Yeah... he's just the worst.

And what of Mr. Bentley: For being a world-dominating super-villain wannabe, he was pretty frickin' incompetent. He couldn't even stand up to one old scientist and middle aged author and literary agent. I also fail to understand how he thought that injectible irradiated poison was going to allow him to actually take over the superpowers of the world. DEMERIT ... you were an embarrassing villain, and it's no wonder that you didn't even live to the ending explosion.

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