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Wacky Dreaming - Zombies in India


Wacky dreaming is brought to you this morning by Zombies… and maybe a Slayer… maybe.

So, the dream started with me in my typical superhuman mode. I was levitating somewhere in India, and was in a city with a lot of high, whitewash walls. The city appeared to already be in the grip of a zombie apocalypse. These were the New School Zombies: Fast, Agile, Able to climb & leap high walls without much effort. In addition, at least some of the zombies could also apparently continue operating their dismembered limbs, as there were some arms that were continuing to scratch and claw along the ground that weren’t attached to anything.

For reasons that I can’t explain, I was actually NOT there to fight the apocalypse this time out. I seemed to be content to observe this unfolding disaster taking place.

My focus was on an Indian girl, perhaps 14 or 15 years of age who was trying to stay ahead of the horde, while armed with a short sword. While many of the zombies were dressed more traditionally, our heroine was in blue jeans and a sensible light, natty, blue sweater.

I was levitating above the battle field as she scaled walls and hacked at the zombies she came to or who had caught up with her. I offered her no assistance, again for reasons unknown, but she was aware of my presence and seemed to accept that I wasn’t responsible for the disaster -- actually, weirdly - at least at first - she didn’t seem to be particularly bothered that I wasn’t helping her out, either. We were engaging in this retreating/fighting dialog but I can’t remember what we were talking about [I do believe that I was complaining how pointless her attempting to engage the horde was, rather than simply retreating for shelter but it’s only a very vague memory].

Anyway, somehow I ended up proceeding our Indian heroine into some sort of heavy, stone bunker/temple (?) type of place. It had thick, white stoned walls and was a long corridor, which then led to a large hexagonal room with high ceilings. The room had what looked like a currently empty alter, which is why I thought it was a temple of some sort. It was the middle of the day and the circumference of the hexagon had small, rectangular windows which allowed plenty of light into the space, but were far too small to allow anyone in or out through them.

I had made my way into the hexagonal part of the building. I landed and was looking around at the bare walls and the small windows at the top, when I’d heard the slam of a metal door -- very heavy sounding. Upon turning around, I found that I was left alone in there by our Indian heroine, but for a single zombie.

I was in the midst of thinking, “That bitch set me up to be killed!” when the zombie launched itself into a full-tilt run right at me.

I was able to levitate again, and the zombie didn’t slow its mad dash, slamming face first right into the stone walls.

The zombie, a male, fell to the ground and appeared to have suffered some serious damage to the brain but not enough to be killed. Instead it was making these gasping/raggedly breathy hisses and scratching at the floor in an attempt to drag it’s now not-working legs behind it as it glared and bared its teeth up at me.

I was thinking about the heroine and how I hadn’t even suspected that she was planning on leading me right into a trap, when I’d woken up….

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