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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Halloween for Halloween.


Hey Gang. I'm glad that my movie review in progress isn't anything to do with Halloween, since obvs, it would be a complete failure to get posted in time... which is exactly why I don't do "theme" reviews: I am horribly unreliable to myself!

But this posting could be included as a "theme", so yeah me. Unfortunately, it isn't even purposeful... it's the next one in the list that I haven't done yet. Let me present "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" for both Halloween & Halloween H20.

In Halloween, our main characters are: Laurie Strode, Dr. Sam Loomis, Annie Brackett, Lynda van der Klok & Sheriff Leigh Brackett.

Our Characters Are Winners!

Laurie: Laurie gets a KUDO for keeping her head enough to fight for her life and protecting her charges. Even through her continued trauma, she doesn't give in and keep her mind working on how to save herself.

Sam: Sam Loomis' last minute save of Laurie earns him a KUDO. I like that he's not even gonna waste time trying to talk the serial killer down after he's caught red handed trying to murder Laurie. Just shooting the son-of-a-bitch works for me.

Annie: Alas, Annie hasn't earned herself a kudo.

Lynda: I've not a kudo to hand over to Lynda.

Leigh: I don't have a kudo for the Sheriff. He does his job and it's nice that he takes Sam's warnings mostly seriously, despite the Doc's odd, obviously obsessive behavior -- but he's not all that effective, either and doesn't go out of his way to scour the town for this supposed escaped mental patient returning to the scene of his earlier murder escapade.

I'm giving a Half-KUDO to Lester the German Shepherd, who tries to warn his owner Lindsey and Annie of the stalker around the house. They don't listen, alas and Lester's confrontation with The Shape doesn't go well.

I've got to hand Micheal Myers an Anti-KUDO for his persistence, toughness and single mindedness, who will not be stopped by stabbing, eye trauma, being shot, or tumbling a storey to the ground below. You've got to give grudging admiration for his dedication.

Our Characters Are Losers!

Ms. Strode- Oh, Laurie. I get thinking the killer is downed enough that he's no longer a threat. Once. And I get dropping the weapon you just used to stab him, because that's gotta be traumatic when you're not in the habit of going around trying to kill people. Once. But the second time you toss a weapon away, and turn your back on the killer, and sit there not paying attention to him lying feet away rather than simply running out of the house immediately? Well, now you're getting a Half-DEMERIT.

Dr. Loomis- I'm going to have to hand Dr. Loomis a Half-DEMERIT, even though he's completely right and it must be ever so frustrating that nobody else is listening. But... but... Sam comes across as maybe needing some restful time in Smith's Grove himself. And he doesn't seem to notice just how wild and over the top his behavior and mannerisms are, which are severely undercutting the points he is trying to make in regard to the threat that Haddonfield is facing. It's not surprising that he's receiving the side-eye so often with his florid statements while looking like he's about to burst some blood vessels.

Ms. Brackett- I've no issues worth demerits with Annie.

Ms. van der Klok- Okay, Lynda is tacky-gross. She gets a Half-DEMERIT for having sex in somebody else's bed, uninvited. Ew.

Sheriff Brackett- Sheriff Brackett doesn't do anything to earn a demerit, but I will mention he has an annoying habit of slipping up on people and scaring the crap out of them for no apparent reason.

A special DEMERIT must go first to Smith's Grove Sanitarium for their lack of security which allowed Michael Myers to escape custody.

But another individual DEMERIT goes to Dr. Terence Wynn who responds to the escape of one of his patients by trying to assign blame to everyone but his own facility, and himself as the Adminstrator of said facility. Nobody likes someone who won't step up and take responsibility & all but blowing off Michael's escape, despite his violent history, is despicably cowardly and stupid.

I'm giving out a Half-DEMERIT to FATE. Even without the Michael Myers nightmare, Annie Brackett is just having a horrible night and it's making the Fates look particularly petty toward her.

Bob Simms is Lynda's boyfriend. As such he gets a Half-DEMERIT for also choosing to have sex in somebody else's bed, uninvited. That is tacky.

The neighbors of Lindsey Wallace and Tommy Doyle receive a DEMERIT for completely ignoring, if not actively turning away, a young girl screeching for her life on the street. Even if they believe she's pulling some kind of Halloween prank... or... uh... maybe had a fight with her boyfriend or something, you'd think SOMEBODY would call the police on her, and at least unintenionally help her. But, no. Haddonfield is a town of shitty people.

Then, after 20 years of the memory of that night haunting her, Laurie's nightmare continues as Michael finds her again.

In H20, our characters are: Laurie Strode (as Keri Tate), John Tate, Molly Cartwell, Charles Deveraux, Sarah Wainthrope, Will Brennan & Ronald Jones.

Our Characters Are Brave & Resourceful!

Laurie: Obviously, Laurie earns my undying affection and a KUDO for taking the fight to her demented brother and lopping off that asshole's head [and no, there wasn't a mistaken identity - she won, Michael's dead, and 'Resurrection' was a horrible, stress induced nightmare and nothing more].

John (her son): I've nothing for John.

Molly (John's girlfriend): I'm not issuing a kudo to Molly.

Charles (John's best friend): Charlie doesn't do anything to earn him favor.

Sarah (Charlie's girlfriend): I'm going to give Sarah a Half-KUDO because, like Laurie, she's a fighter. She doesn't give in when she realizes her life is in danger and she doesn't let her boyfriend's corpse or her broken leg get in the way. This won't save her, naturally, because ... horror film... but I like that she won't be standing there screaming until she's stabbed.

Will (Laurie's boyfriend): I like that Will was willing to stand and fight with Laurie, and that earns a Half-KUDO. It's an unfortunate choice for him, though.

Ronnie (security guard): I've not a kudo for Ronnie.

I'm handing over a Half-KUDO to Nurse Chambers-Whittington, who does not play around with skulking about in dark homes calling out if anyone is there. She hears noises in her home, and she gets the hell out for some help. I just wish that it had saved her.

Detective Fitzsimmons earns a grateful Half-KUDO after the murder of Marion Chambers-Whittington when he finds the files regarding Laurie Strode strewn about Sam Loomis' office in her home. He doesn't just ignore this tidbit, despite the fact that Michael Myers hasn't been heard from in 20 years. He goes ahead and contacts Haddonfield, IL to forewarn them about what they've found in Langdon, IL.

I'm gonna give Michael a Half-Anti-KUDO for that ending... pinned and crushed, he's still so committed to taking his sister with him, that he puts on the "sympathy eyes of painful longing to hold her hand" ... and nearly fools her ... until she notices his cold, calculating glare at the last minute.

Our Characters Are Worthless!

Laurie- I have to hand Laurie a Half-DEMERIT. When she retreats to the dining hall, she tries to hide under a table... tables with no long dining clothes to shield her from view. It's a particularly stupid place to "hide".

John- I'm issuing John a Half-DEMERIT for helping Charlie shoplift.

Molly- Molly is okay, and she doesn't earn a demerit.

Charlie- Charlie is a shoplifter, which is pretty minor in the scheme of things but it is earning him a Half-DEMERIT.

Sarah- Sarah didn't earn herself any demerits.

Will- Will's actions are understandable, considering that he's now aware he's being hunted. But firing a pistol wildly before seeing the target in a situation where waiting 5 seconds to make sure who you're firing at, isn't too much to ask. I'm going to hand him a Half-DEMERIT for nearly killing Ronnie, komedy relief that he may be, by not taking a breath and making sure it's actually Micheal he's about to shoot.

Ronald- Ronnie really bungles being security, the worst being how he allows the kids to slip off campus, despite the clear rules about such things and his already getting called out for it in the past. How he's not fired, is a mystery, but he is getting a Half-DEMERIT for not doing his frikkin' job... especially when mysterious vehicles are left in the driveway unattended, but running.

I'm handing over a Half-DEMERIT to Nurse Chambers. Alas for her, she bangs on a window to call for the police, when she should've continued her well-founded plan of running away out of doors. And she dies. Damn it.

I must issue Michael Myers a Half-DEMERIT. Ronnie's continued survival when Michael is standing right next to him is simply an appalling lack of initiative on our savage killer's part. Especially when he's willing to spend so much time stalking Marion, her neighbor kids, and his nephew's friends. Plus Ronald creeps into komedy relief characterization, and there is never a good excuse for not killing the komedy relief.

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