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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Welcome back to our ongoing series of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments in Angel & Faith. Our issue of focus today is #16 of season 01 of the comic.

Our scrutinized and judged characters of interest are: Angel, Faith, & Nadira [still the pissed off Slayer at this point].

Our Characters Need A High Five!

Angel- I don't have a kudo for Angel.

Faith- Faith with a flame thrower is a thing of beauty. But not a kudo-earner.

Nadira- Nadira doesn't earn a kudo, but I gotta say that everything she told Faith was correct. And I'd be pissed too, if my mentor was lying right in my face for over a year.

The Slayer, Marianne gets a Half-KUDO for being the bedrock for many a lost and hurting Slayer during her life.

I'm giving the London Slayers a Half-KUDO for figuring out everything that Angel & Faith have been hiding, while they were gone. Angel's not the only detective.

Our Characters Need A Slap!

Angel: Other than my own reservations for Angel's entire plan, he doesn't do anything to get slapped with a demerit over.

Faith: Oh, Faith. You blew it. But no demerit, because I can understand the reasons why you handled the situation the way you did. And I can't remember if I already demerited you for it. But just so you know, you deserve a half, at least.

Nadira: I've got nothing for Nadira, but the girl is going to self-destruct if she doesn't find some better way to handle all of this rage. So much for Willow's Healing Hug, I guess.

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