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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Hey Gang!

  Ready to revisit Billy, The Vampire Slayer... say "yes", 'cause that's what we're doing with another posting in our Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments series in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer -- Season 09.

  Our focus issue today number 15, the part II of Billy and Devon getting together, while nobody notices that Santa Rosita is being wiped out by hoards of zompires.

  Our characters for special scrutiny are: Billy & Devon ... this is their story and everyone else is a cameo.

Our Heroes Kick Butt!

Billy- Okay, Billy did save the surviving library patrons and Devon from a zompire hoard. How exactly is left to our imaginings, but he did it. KUDO

Devon- Devon also did his share against the zompires, and saved Billy twice more. KUDO

Our Heroes Fall On Their Butt!

Billy: I just... I'm... okay. You know when you shouldn't take 10 to laugh at a private joke until you've got tears and then have a discussion about maybe hooking up with the really cute guy at your side? When your grandmother is being hunted, if she's not dead already, by zompires is on that list. Oh, Billy. DEMERIT -- keep your head in the game.

Devon: And Devon. So much wrong with what you were doing. I can't decide if you should be docked for getting into your feelings when Billy's grandmother is being hunted... etc. Or if the honor should go to your leading the zompires right to where Sky, et. al. were hiding out relatively safely until you decided to make a huge racket and draw the zompires right to them. They both earn a Half-DEMERIT, though.

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