harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

TWD. How much more?


Oh, my god you guys. I just don't even. Why do I watch this show? I am in constant tight-guts over what is going to happen to these characters I've come to care about, next.

Obvs, I watched 6x03.

My god. Oh... I was upset when the Governor murdered Herschel. I was devastated when Beth took that bullet to the head. I was kinda pissed when Noah suddenly was gone. I was shocked when Tyreese's turn came right afterward. But tonight I am just... I sobbed. Loudly. I had to pause the DVR for about 10 minutes to pull myself back together.

Why am I doing this to myself... and why am I getting so emotionally invested in these characters, so that this emotional meltdown crap happens? I mean, it's not like I don't know this is a zombie apocalypse and the actors aren't going to stick around forever.

And now Rick? Can they really kill off THE star of the show? I think in this particular series, they could and thrust somebody like Carol, Daryl and Maggie into the lead relatively easily. And that just makes how the episode ended all that more nerve wracking. But oh my god, our loss in this episode... Jeeezzzus.


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