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New Youtube Favorite


I'm taking a break from the review I'm working on for "The Mole People" and as I'm browsing YouTube, I come across another one of the vids that I had hit "Like" on, but didn't favorite it. Well, it's another one that I seem to keep revisiting, and as I've done so, it hasn't disappeared for "copyright violation" because "free use" doesn't mean what it should, apparently -- nor has this vid suddenly and without warning been moved to 'private'. So... it's been added.

This one is an interesting Angel and Dr. Who crossover in which the Doctor had developed a relationship [possibly as a companion or just through rescuing her] with Fred. But then, of course, Illyria came along. And though the Doctor fights for Fred's return, even he isn't allowed to alter some destinies.

We All Fall Down.

This and all of the other vids have been posted at the YouTube Roundup link. But be warned... once again a couple of them have frickin', frustratingly, disappeared.

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