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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: BTVS


Best of / Worst of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Season 09, Issue 14

Today's revisiting in order to sit with a critical eye over our characters is the first issue introducing us to a male "Slayer" named Billy and his love interest/unofficial watcher, Devon. And the absolutely incredible amount of plot armor they're wearing in order to not logically be slaughtered as their town becomes over run by the zompire plague.

Our Main Players are: Billy (our zompire hunter in training) & Devon (love interest). [Billy also has a best friend in Katie and a grandmother who adores him -- but they're cameo players this time out.]

Our Characters Are Cool!

Billy- Billy gets a KUDO for killing a zompire on his first try, and saving Devon's life in the meantime.

Devon- Devon earns a KUDO for the amazingly unbelievable (I'll say) save of Billy's life during their first mutual run-in with a zompire.

Sky, Billy's grandmother, gets a KUDO for giving our Billy a place to live and unqualified support to be himself, even as her son or daughter have not been acting so loving.

Our Characters Are Bad!

Billy: Billy seems extremely clueless when it comes to large portions of Santa Rosita vanishing. Half-DEMERIT, because he's not just inattentive, but pathologically unobservant.

Devon: Devon seems to have gotten a burr in his bonnet over turning Billy into a "slayer", with he as "watcher" with little actual thought put into the very real risks of death, or worse, that this runs. His enthusiasm is... naive. He doesn't earn a demerit though, because he quickly wises up when he really thinks about he and Billy facing down hoards of the blood suckers.

A DEMERIT goes to Billy's parents, who we don't see, but they've kicked him out of his home... despite his being a minor, because our Billy wants a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.

Jerk-Jocks, Garron and Post, also get a DEMERIT for the very uncool bullying, including suggesting Billy should commit suicide.

We've got a general DEMERIT to hand out to Santa Rosita. Considering that the supernatural is all over television as an accepted fact of life now, it is unconscionable that the zompires are allowed to multiply at the rate they are without being hunted down long before they can decimate the entire population. Where the hell are the police? How is nobody acting worried over the dozens of people who've vanished overnight? What the what is going on with these people?

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