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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel

Season 07, Issue 15

Our characters of focus are... well Angel, of course. Watcher's Councilmen (including Alasdair Coames) can count, maybe.

Hmm. Everyone else is a bad guy.

Our Characters: Give 'Em A Hand!

Angel- Angel tries to reach Whistler, but otherwise he's a spectator and doesn't earn a kudo.

The Watchers- The Watchers Council of the 1960's-ish receive a KUDO for stopping the spread of Pearl's demonic children before they could really start bringing on the pain to the world.

I'm going to issue Susan Finney a Half-Anti-KUDO for her sheer strength and tenacity. She may have become an awful, awful human being but damned if she hasn't embraced a kind of strength through hardship that is admirable.

Our Characters: Slap 'Em Hard!

Angel: Angel gets his ass whupped easily, but that's because Whistler is an emissary of the Powers. He doesn't shame himself into a demerit.

The Watchers: The Council, believe it or not, doesn't earn a demerit [Maybe they're really 'Men of Letters' ... *ahem, Spn*]

Susan Finney is... well, the worst of humanity in a tight, little bitter package. She does get a DEMERIT for consorting with demons and bringing up Nash and Pearl. Her views of humanity are basically describing herself... but she's not self-aware enough to recognize it.

Other Notes: I want to hand Whistler a demerit or an anti-kudo for his insano plan to alter the world in exchange for 2 billion people's lives. But I really can't, because he's not really evil or good right now... just insane because of his vision of the world coming to a slow, drawn out death. He's really suffering the same breakdown that Willow is due to The Seed's destruction, but he's much less sane due to the "balance" having been thrown completely off. Despite how horrible it all is, he's not really responsible for his actions right now.

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