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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: 19 Doors


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments in "19 Doors".

Our Main Characters for scrutiny are:

Grace Mitchel : A screen writer whose life is about to be an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Father Pat [Wash] : A priest who is pulled into some ghostly shenanigans.

Bob Pearson : Grace's agent/producer who thinks the Lyndora would make a perfect setting to get Grace's creative juices flowing.

Our Characters Display Fortitude!

Grace- I feel horribly for Grace, despite her not being a very nice person, at the end. But being sympathetic is not a way to gain a kudo, and she doesn't earn one.

Pat- I'm going to give Father Pat a Half-KUDO for attempting to rid the Lyndora of its evil energy and being completely open-minded about having a psychic help. [Only a half because some of this is clearly his fault due to his drunken driving killing two people in his teens, for which he accepted responsibility and has been making amends throughout his life.]

Bob- I've got nothing to hand over to Bob.

Although the ghosts/spirits haunting the Lyndora has a history that is never more than muddled, making it very hard to judge who they were in life or what they're doing there in death, I can say definitely enough about one to hand over a judgement. Liz the ghost very clearly has possessed Katy by the end and there are enough indications that she wasn't a solid citizen after her daughter and husband was killed in an auto wreck by Father Pat in his youth to earn her an Anti-KUDO. She's going to be able to restart her life in a new body now.

Our Characters Are Just Crappy!

Ms. Mitchel- Where to begin? Grace is all kinds of messed up, but I think the low point and the reason I'm issuing a DEMERIT is her deliberately using "limited girl", Katy, as her stand in with the Ouija board... even after being convinced that the terrifying hauntings are really happening. Like, wow.

Father Pat- Father Pat gets a DEMERIT for not being far more forceful and serious when it comes to Grace's danger by the spirits of the Lyndora... right after he himself was just terrorized by them! After his encounter that left him momentarily catatonic with horror, he's awfully casual about the whole affair -- and this leaves Grace still in danger.

Mr. Pearson- Bob's attitude in regards to Grace's physical safety bugs me. He's not nearly concerned enough when leaving Grace in an unsecured location in which [as they don't know yet that what Grace has seen is flashbacks of the past] prostitutes and anonymous Johns are exchanging services for money. He doesn't even see fit to speak to Mattie about probable trespassers and this earns him a Half-DEMERIT.

I've got a Half-DEMERIT to hand over to Detective Patrone for his lack of action after Grace is reportedly manhandled by a large stranger in the abandoned hotel. His questioning is lackluster and inadequate and his lack of concern with Grace seeking medical attention for the blow to her head is very odd. He also doesn't mention to her to stay out of abandoned hotels while they're trying to find her assailant, which seem incompetent.

And I've got to hand Dean [Quinn, Jr.], the boyfriend a Half-DEMERIT for basically the latter same thing. He completely allows Grace to go on staying in this abandoned hotel after her attack with even an argument about it. Now, it could certainly be because he's already had past fights with Grace and knows how stubborn she is when her mind is made up, but it still feels callous not to at least bring up the subject of her writing at home for awhile. He also does nothing to suggest that she should see a doctor about the blow to her head.

As to the ghostly haunts and the people they were before... well, there isn't anything I can judge here. It feels like somebody, somewhere in this tale deserves some demerits for things they did but we're never provided with a solid history for any of our spirits to explain why they're still in the Lyndora or whether they deserved to be stuck haunting the joint. Several explanations are provided, but they're all hearsay or guesses that have an equal chance of being true or false.

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