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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Black Dragons


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments in "Black Dragons".

Our primary cast to praise and ridicule has a small issue with it. The actual main character is more of an anti-villain... but he started off as a villain, so I can't really list him like he's a protaganist even though he's clearly the most interesting character. Darn it.

But our actual list of characters can include:

Alice Saunders, whose not actually Ms. Saunders but an undercover FBI agent.

Dick Martin, another FBI agent trying to protect America from those dastardly Axis powers.

The Butler, who manages more screen time than the actual FBI agents.

Our Characters Impress!

Alice: I have nothing for Alice.

Dick: Forget it, Richard.

The Saunders' Butler: Our butler does butlering things but doesn't earn a kudo.

Okay, first and foremost, we must give credit where it's due to the enemy: The Japanese Agents managed to convey being American and British business tycoons and infiltrate U.S. commerce in order to sabotage the war effort, while making money on government contracts which they can then turn around to finance the destruction with! Anti-KUDO!

Dr. Melcher also receives an Anti-KUDO ... but for what? The man is brilliant all over this film. I guess I have to give it to him for changing Japenese spies into Caucasian with such precision in skin tone and facial features, and without any scarring, that they fit right in.

A Half-KUDO goes to the Real Ms. Saunders. Y'see her uncle, Bill Saunders, vanished a decade ago. But then she suddenly saw his picture in the American papers and thought it awfully strange that he'd never contacted any family to let them know he was safe and alive after all of this time. She contacted the FBI with how weird this is [and with living overseas during a war, she wasn't in the position to just sail over and confront her "uncle" herself], which caused the FBI to plant "Alice" in the home to find out what Bill was into that caused him to be so secretive about that missing decade.

Our Characters Are Losers!

Alice- Alice, as undercover FBI agent, is entirely inconsequential to anything. She doesn't even use her assumed identity to insist on seeing her Uncle at least once to confirm that he's alright while she's there and all of her running upstairs and downstairs reveals nothing. Half-DEMERIT

Dick- Our FBI agent's inability to compel Bill Saunders to open his room door, or just have it broken down, is untenable the longer the movie goes. He's utterly ineffectual on even the most basic law enforcement and gets a DEMERIT.

The Saunders Butler- The Butler doesn't do anything wrong.

Dr. Melcher gets a Half-DEMERIT for a bit of clumsiness right at the end. He attempts to murder one of the Black Dragon Agents, but fails to check that the man is killed off. In addition, he didn't bother checking 'the body' for weapons either... which gets him shot. And he was doing so good, too!

The FBI's Chief [Ken] Colton basically lets [Bela] Melcher bleed out because he doesn't even bother to try to summon help for the man's gunshot wound. Uh, we call that negligence leading to death and it earns you a Half-DEMERIT (Dr. Melcher is a Nazi, after all).

The Japanese Intelligence Agency gets a DEMERIT for stupidity. If you're going to confine a man until such time as you're ready to kill him, why are you not searching him for anything on his person that would help him escape before locking him in a cage? Also, just how did Bela escape anyway, when he was disguising himself as a person who was scheduled for execution? Shouldn't he have just found himself getting killed under his not-at-all-clever ruse?

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