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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

Well, Elsa Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man anyway... and I think we know that the title really should be Frankenstein's Monster Meets The Wolf Man since that's really the film's selling point.

But, anywho... our Main Players are:

Baroness Elsa Frankenstein, Dr. [Patric] Mannering, Maleva, Larry Talbot

Our Characters Are Worthy of our Respect!

The Baroness: I'm going to give props to Baroness Frankenstein for not just accepting responsibility for her father's disastrous work, but in taking the lead in stopping his creation permanently. She could've put on airs and left town if she'd wanted, with her title. She doesn't. KUDO

Dr. Mannering: I suppose, despite the fact that he shouldn't be taking months away from the hospital to chase down Larry, that he deserves credit for also wanting to stop the Frankenstein's Monster from terrorizing the villagers. Half-KUDO

Maleva: Maleva goes above and beyond to help Larry find a cure or a final death, especially traveling all over Universal-Europe without her clan and at her age. She gets a KUDO.

Mr. Talbot: One of the things I like most about Larry Talbot is that he doesn't shirk his responsibility for what he does as The Beast, even though he has zero control during his change. He goes out of his way to try to warn people he's a danger and should be restrained and when that proves fruitless, he looks for a way to put himself down to save everyone else. He's an honorable man and he earns a KUDO.

I'm giving the Taverner a KUDO for being proactive in trying to stop the Monster once and for all. Screw that stupid weak-willed mayor.

Our Characters Deserve Derision!

Baroness Frankenstein- The Baroness doesn't do anything to bring a demerit down on her... just the opposite in fact.

Dr. Mannering- Alas, Dr. Mannering has a touch of mad-scientist in him that gets the better of him. If not for Elsa Frankenstein's suspicions that he was already headed that way, and her taking proactive measures to stop him, they'd have a fully charged up Frankenstein's Monster running around. He gets a DEMERIT.

Maleva- Other than Maleva realizing that Larry doesn't need a "true death" to be put where he can't hurt anyone, she doesn't do anything to earn a demerit and she doesn't get herself one.

Larry Talbot- I don't see how anyone wouldn't be full of sympathy for such a tragic twist of fate as Larry suffers. *Ahem*However. I feel compelled to point out that he wasn't hurting anyone when he was lying in his grave. If he really, really wanted to protect innocents he may harm in future, he should've just had Maleva stab him "to death" with a silver blade, had the gypsies bury him somewhere out of the way, and filled his gravesite with wolvesbane. He wouldn't be dead-dead, but he'd be just as 'dead' as he was after his father caved in his skull with a silver-headed walking stick. It seems kinda selfish actually that he's so stuck on a final death, instead of taking the less-optimal, but just as effective second choice. In deference though for him, perhaps, being concerned about his human soul being trapped for eternity in an ageless shell, I'll only give him a Half-DEMERIT.

We open our story with DEMERITs! Yay. Our first two prize winners are the Crypt Robbers... because even though it does in fact seem like a waste of money burying it with the dead, that still doesn't excuse being theives.

I have to give the Taverner a DEMERIT. I know, I know, I gave him a reward for trying to kill the monster. Alas, he made it perfectly clear that he wasn't bothered in the least by murdering Maleva, Elsa and [Patric] at the same time. And, in fact, it appears via circumstantial evidence that Maleva did in fact die in that castle.

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