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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: SPN


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The Winchesters

Episode: Supernatural's "Route 666"

Our Main Players: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Cassie

Our Characters Are So Cool!

Dean- I don't have a kudo to hand to Dean.

Sam- Sam takes an educated guess at how to save his brother, and it pays off. He gets a Half-KUDO, 'cause I love a man with a mind.

Cassie- Cassie also doesn't earn herself a kudo.

Cyrus Dorian, the vengeance ghost, gets an Anti-KUDO. He has an impressive body count, and you got to admire the amount of hate-power he must have to be able to manifest an entire truck that has enough physical power to cause real destruction.

I'm going to hand past Deputy Harold Todd a Half-KUDO for protecting Cassie's father after he killed Cyrus in self-defense to save his own life.

Our Characters Are So Sucky!

Dean: Dean doesn't do anything to earn my ire.

Sam: I don't judge Sam harshly for anything.

Cassie: Nah, Cassie also walks away without a demerit.

So, as much as I am loathe to do it - his being killed and all - I must issue a Half-DEMERIT to Mayor Harold Todd for his anti-survival tactics. When a truck is trying to run you down and there are a line of trees along the road, you dash behind one of said trees. You don't run down the middle of the wide open roadway and think you're not going to get run down.

Cyrus Dorian -- violently racist piece of shit -- gets a DEMERIT [postumously] for... guess why.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri's PD of the Past gets a DEMERIT for not stopping Dorian's attacks on black men in the area while he was alive.

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