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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Best of / Worst of : BUFFY

Episode: Band Candy

Main Players: Buffy, Rupert, Willow, Oz, Joyce, Cordy, and Xander [Angel is stuck with a brief cameo and doesn't get counted].

We have a special case to consider, here. Our adults fall under the influence of chaos magic, which makes it a thing about how much we can fault them for their behavior as things get going. True, they're under a hex... but on the other hand, they're not being significantly altered, but more just being "freed" from their adult sense of decorum and responsibility. Really, I think this is more of a thing with Giles in my mind, because he's basically acting like his teen self. I'm not sure what to do with some of his more outrageous behavior later....

Our Heroes Shine!

Buffy: I'll give Buffy a Half-KUDO for driving off, if not killing, Lurconis with some quick thinking and action... and it saves Giles.

Rupert: Another Half-KUDO goes to Giles for not being the Council Watcher he really should be. Instead, he fully supports Buffy's having at least the hope of an alternate future that doesn't involve a quick and violent death.

Willow: I just don't have a kudo for Wills.

Oz: Oh, Oz. You're so cute, but that doesn't earn a kudo.

Joyce: I've nothing to hand over to Mrs. Summers.

Cordelia: Sorry Cordy, no kudo.

Xander: I don't know what your hand is out for, Xander - there isn't a kudo.

Our Characters Stink!

Buffy- Technically, one should not allow Buffy to walk away unscathed, what with her lying to two people and using them as an alibi toward both. But I just can't hold Buffy's fibs to Giles and Joyce against her. It's too understandable with the constant monitoring she's getting from her Watcher and mother. She slides by.

Rupert- I'm giving Giles a Half-DEMERIT for his controlling and smothering pressure on Buffy, rather than moving on from his Slayer's summer hiatus.

(I was tempted to give Rupert a demerit, instead, for his robbery and cop punching but I've decided to put the blame on the chaos magic over the teen!Rupert thingie because it's easier... or uh... some really logical reasoning which you can fill in for me).

Willow- Willow gets another DEMERIT for not stopping this flirtation with Xander, while she's still involved with Oz.

Oz- Oz does not earn a demerit.

Joyce- I'm annoyed at Joyce for continuing to stress Buffy about running away over the summer, but I'm still not ready to give her a demerit over it. She's got a lot of leeway from me on this one.

Cordy- There is no demerit coming Cordy's way.

Xan- Xander gets another DEMERIT for not stopping this flirtation with Willow, while he's still involved with Cordelia.

I've got to give a Half-DEMERIT to Mr. Trick for his chocolate operation. It really feels like a lot of expense for very little gain overall and the fact that he's randomly killing workers and talking about people dying in front of a packing line full of people seems unbelievably clumsy. He really feels like he's half-assing this "distraction plan" to me.

I'm also handing the Mayor a Half-DEMERIT for basically the same thing: This whole distraction of the town feels way more complicated than necessary and there isn't any thought given to what is going to happen the day after the tribute/sacrifice when everyone discovers all of the new babies in the hospital are missing.

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