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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Kolchak


Best Of / Worst Of: Kolchak, The Night Stalker.

Episode: The Ripper

Focus Characters: Carl Kolchak & Tony Vincenzo

Our Characters Are Cool!

Carl: Carl manages to kill Jack the Ripper with a pre-set trap, so a good on his foresight and his being able to lure the killer to where he needed to be to get himself deaded. KUDO

Tony: Tony does provide bail money for Carl, which is nice. But I'm not going to hand over a kudo for it.

Our Characters Bite It!

Carl- Carl gets a DEMERIT for not reporting to the police that his colleague Jane Plumm hasn't been heard from since arranging a meeting with who may be Jack for an exclusive in the park. There should be an army of officers combing that park right now... but they don't have any idea that Jane is there or why because Carl couldn't be bothered.

Tony- Yeah, Tony... you have even less excuse for not having the police out searching for Jane, considering that you're not even scoping for Jack's hideout with Carl. You also earn a huge DEMERIT.

Ugh, the police! They get a DEMERIT for their habit of indiscriminately firing round after round at the bad guy, apparently not considering where their bullets are going to go if they miss a shot, or they get a through-n-through. Bad, Chicago PD, bad!

Ripper Jack receives a Half-DEMERIT for leaving a teapot on while away. You NEVER leave a hotplate on while not there to watch it, that breeds an unintended fire!

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