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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Good Morning.

  Welcome to another visit with the Buffyverse for our ongoing exploration of the “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. We’re revisiting Season 09 today with Issue 13.

  The main players whose behavior we’re applauding or sneering at are: Buffy Summers, Eldre Koh, Theo Daniels, & Kennedy [alright, look -- we need to establish a last name for her].

Our Heroes Are Heroic!

Buffy- Kenn may not have been happy at the time, but I admire Buffy for putting the big picture of taking out W&H’s link with Earth over any individual. It’s a tough gig and I wanna hand her a Half-KUDO.

Eldre- I don’t know gang, Eldre Koh seemed to have Buffy if he’d really wanted. I’m handing him a Half-KUDO on the fighting.

Theo- Mr. Daniels is ready to give up his own life in order to shut down TinCan.com to eliminate Wolfram & Hart’s dimensional communication with Earth. KUDO

Kenn- I’ve not a kudo to give to Kenn.

Our Heroes Make Us Want To Scream!

Buffy: No demerit gets handed down on Buffy.

Koh: I already handed a demerit to him for choosing W&H over his partner, so this time out he doesn’t earn anything.

Theo Daniels: Theo had bigger problems before, but here I can finally hand out that DEMERIT for some really shitty disaster-recovery non-planning. How you can be a big computer guru and not have an alternate server facility in case of disaster is unfathomable.

Kennedy: Kennedy’s throwing Buffy’s “sacrifice of Giles” in her face as an example about how she’s never looking after the little guy was completely out of bounds. That hurt. Half-DEMERIT

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