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Supernatural Wacky Dreaming.


Wacky Dreaming.

I have another genre wacky dream to share with you all this morning, but before we get into the details… what few there are… let’s set the stage a little. This dream was both short and seemingly rather quick, in that “scenes” seemed to flash by as vignettes, rather than as a usual progression from Point A to Point C if you understand.

There were three vignettes, all at the same location. In Vignette A, I was both an observer looking on the dream and a separate character - my usual alter ego during these type of dreams - within the sequence. We’ll just refer to “that me” as Character-Me for clarification. In Vignette B and C, I was only present as an uninvolved viewer of the dream, “Observer-Me”, with that emotional separation, as if watching events unfold in a television show -- although there was no indication of a tv screen between me and what I was observing, just the emotional-distance that comes with not being involved in the action of the dream, if you can get what I'm badly trying to put into words.

Our location was a small cabin in the woods, which was bigger inside than outside. The cabin had a small front yard that gently sloped downward to a small brook winding by… looking all bucolic and painting-like. It was fall, as the entire yard and cabin was covered in light and dark orange and red leaves. But somehow the canopy of the forest was still dense, putting the cabin in permanent light shadow.

The sun in all three acts was in the same position, lower on the horizon and giving the entire scene this orange glow, as if in very late afternoon, except for that dull shadow that clung to the cabin itself. [Again the atmosphere around the cabin was very painting-like in imagery with the sharp color of the leaves and the gentle stream of the water gliding by, and especially the way the very air seemed to have this gentle orange glow around everything.]

Also interestingly, Observer-Me will only look on the threshold of the cabin in Vignette A and C, but never see any further than at the front door. In A, Observer-Me is within the cabin watching Character Me, Dean and Sam from just within the entry of the front door for a moment as the characters are all retreating, before Observer-Me is relegated to standing outside. In Vignette B, Observer-Me is standing at a distance and watching everything at an oblique angle and only seeing as far as the front porch… I don’t see inside of the door at all. In Vignette C, I start at the same oblique angle of the front porch, before the viewpoint switches to standing out in the yard, looking head-on through the front door of the cabin, but still not able to see past the entryway.

Vignette A: Observer-Me joined the action already well in progress so exactly what had happened, I can’t be sure. Observer-Me didn’t have any further information about why exactly the characters had come here. We can guess that they’re monster hunting and that this particular hunt has gone pear-shaped, but the details are not forthcoming.

Character-Me, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester were already in the cabin. By the deep lines on Jensen Ackles' and Jared Padalecki’s faces, this was later in the Winchester’s lives/Supernatural’s seasons but it had to be before Season 10 as the dream indicates an altered timeline prior, as we’ll see in Vignette C.

So as Observer-Me joins the dream, Character-Me, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester are fleeing from the bigger-inside-than-outside cabin in the forest. Dean and Character-Me make it to the front door but Sam is behind us. Dean shouts for his brother to hurry, but Character-Me feels that he isn’t going to make it and if we don’t move immediately, we’ll never get out. Character-Me grabs Dean by the shoulder and dives out of the cabin into the permanent weak-sunlight beyond the permanent shadow over the cabin. The door then slams shut with Sam Winchester still inside.

End Scene.

Vignette B: Observer-Me is now some great amount of time later… perhaps as long as twenty years, for Dean now has salt-and-pepper hair, more silver than black and stands more stooped over than currently. Dean has returned to the shadow-cabin alone armed with only a holy-symbol of some sort. I couldn’t see exactly what it was from my observer place over the dream, but I know that it wasn’t a crucifix, Star of David, etc.

Whatever it was, it was old.

Anyway, Dean takes a moment to look nervously at the cabin but he goes in. I have no indication at all what happened to he and Character-Me after we abandoned Sam blah-blah-years-ago, but clearly Character-Me isn’t in the picture anymore.

Dean Winchester never comes out of the cabin.

End Scene

Vignette C: Some time later, but not much, Charlie Bradbury/Celeste Middleton has arrived at the cabin. She’s armed with the usual hunter accoutrements including a wooden stake [An in-dream shout out to Vi the Vampire Slayer? Charlie is played by Felicia Day, who was a Potential in Season 7 of BTVS], a large cross hanging around her neck, a shotgun and a nervous giggle/smile.

Observer-Me watches from that oblique angle as Charlie enters the dread cabin.

Observer-Me is then seeing from the perspective of the front yard, in through the front door until the dream abruptly ends.

So, Charlie suddenly has Dean and is dragging him toward the entranceway of the cabin. She’s urging him to hurry, but Dean seems in a trance of some sort and is only shuffling along behind her. [He also looks de-aged again, and Charlie also doesn’t look like she aged that 20-mumble-mumble years but I’m putting this down to the vagaries of dreaming and not assigning particular meaning to it.]

Observer-Me can see a large shape in the background… a dark, hulking shadow with ill-defined contours making me think that this isn’t the missing Sam, but the Dweller In The Cabin that has so far defeated all of our characters.

Charlie reaches the threshold of the Cabin door and looks over her shoulder to make a witty comment [as tv heroes feel compelled to do]. But Observer-Me doesn’t hear what she was going to say, because very suddenly, Dean Winchester grabs her. She gives a short shout of surprise/startle-response and then Dean is ripping the side of her neck out with his teeth.

Dean isn’t a vampire or anything. He’s using his blunt, human teeth. He also doesn't appear to be a zombie, in that he's not physically degraded.

Charlie is screaming “Noooo!” but then the Shadow Hulk is there and fills up the doorway, engulfing and blacking out Dean and Charlie from view. Interestingly and tellingly, Its otherwise ill-defined contours stop sharply at the very entranceway of the cabin door, like a suddenly solid rectangle of black at the doorway blocking Observer-Me’s view.

Observer-Me has this sudden “camera-zoom-away” moment where things are disorienting… think the camera trick that is often used to indicate that a character is going into shock, or is suddenly losing their mind in a flash. It’s the only way I know how to describe the effect at the moment. But anyway, this camera-zoom effect led to my waking up abruptly.

End Dream

So… Sam’s ultimate fate is left unknown but is clearly horrible. Dean is apparently now a mind-slave or worse to the Cabin Shadow Entity. Charlie is now trapped within the Cabin in the Woods, and possibly dead… possibly fortunately so, if she is -- unless death doesn‘t help her… *shiver*. Character-Me disappeared from Dean’s life [not hard to imagine a fatal falling out for our partnership after my being responsible for abandoning Sammy] but what Character-Me’s fate actually is wasn’t considered by Observer-Me.

Okay, that wasn’t so much wacky as dark and depressing.

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