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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Hey peoples. After that disappointing search for kudos in the last Buffy episode, I've decided to try again. Let's see if our characters can do better in "Homecoming", okay?

Our Main Players are: Buffy, Cordelia, Scott, Willow, Oz, Xander, and Rupert Giles.

Our Characters - What A Great Group!

Buffy: I'm giving Buffy a Half-KUDO for getting the WonderBeefs to take each other out. I'd like to go with a full kudo, but I don't want to encourage the Slayer to go around getting people killed, no matter who they are. That said, I'm not exactly weeping that the StudMuffins bought it.

Cordy: Obviously, Cordelia is in her element when she stands toe to toe with the Gorch brother and intimidates him enough to take off, instead of simply killing her where she stood. She earns the KUDO.

Scott: Once again [and for the last time] Scott is included in the list, but doesn't get a kudo anyway.

Wills: I'm giving Willow a piece of a group Scooby kudo.

Oz: Oz is going to share in the Scooby kudo.

Xan: Xander will also get a slice of the Scooby kudo prize.

Giles: I don't have a kudo for Giles.

I like Mr. Trick's contest plan. It not only puts others in line to attack the Slayers, while leaving him in safety but it also earns him cash! How enterprising! An Anti-KUDO is awarded.

The Scooby Gang get a Half-KUDO for hiring a limo for the Homecoming dance, and then forgoing using it so that Cordelia and Buffy will have time to themselves to talk out their issue and stop putting the gang in the middle of their immature tiff. I would've kept the limo after spending money on the damned thing.

I'm handing a Half-Anti-KUDO to Candy the vampire. She actually puts in a good show against Buffy for a minute there and does more than Lyle Gorch had ever done.

Our Characters - Y'know, *sigh* What a Group!

Buffy- Buffy gets a Half-DEMERIT for getting really underhanded and just plain awful over Homecoming Queen.

Cordy- Cordelia? You can put away that smirk, you're getting a Half-DEMERIT for the same thing.

Scott- I'll not issue a demerit to Scott; So long Scotty -- you were almost a Scooby Guy for maybe 3 seconds there.

Willow- I don't have a demerit for Willow.

Oz- Oz does nothing wrong.

Xander- Xander skates by without his big mouth earning a demerit.

Rupert- There isn't a demerit for Giles.

I've got a large DEMERIT for the WonderBeefs. They are simply poor trackers/hunters, despite their superior technology. Really, it's just a double-embarrassment.

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