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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments in BTVS.

Hey swell readers o' mine. Welcome to another edition of sitting in judgement over our fictional characters as we take another look at the Buffyverse. We're still hanging out in Season 3 with our next subject, "Beauty and the Beasts".

Hm. This one could get a bit thorny because of the physical abuse aspects of this script. Those with triggers may not want to proceed.

Our main characters are: Buffy, Oz, Willow, Xander, Rupert, Debbie Foley, Scott Hope, and Faith Lehane.

Our Characters Show Strength!

Buffy: Surprisingly, I can't give Buffy a kudo again.

Oz: Poor Oz. I want to award a kudo for all the stuff he does to keep others safe but honestly, what else should we expect? So I'm just not gonna. Sorry, Oz. [I consider Oz-Wolf to be too much of a wild animal to issue kudos or demerits.]

Willow: Willow distracts Oz-Wolf by yanking on his tail and running for it, causing him to chase her down. She gets a Half-KUDO.

Xander: Xander. *sigh* You get nuthin' to even out that demerit you got coming.

Rupert: Nothing for Rupert this time out.

Debbie: Oh, Debbie. All my heartache toward you, but no kudo.

Scott: Oh, Scott. When Deb is done with it, all my heartache toward you. But, also no kudo.

Faith: Faith saves Willow with a well aimed tranq dart into Oz-Wolf and gets a Half-KUDO.

Ew. Another time I have to award the worst human in existence. Pete Clarner. He successfully re-created/created a Jeckyl-to-Hyde formula. That takes some skills. He gets... ugh... an Anti-KUDO.

Our Characters Are Inept!

Buffy- Yeah gang, I have to give Buffy a Half-DEMERIT for hiding Angel's return. I understand it, I'm sympathetic to it, and I am completely forgiving of her for it. But, it's still the wrong thing to do.

Oz- Oz doesn't earn himself a demerit. [I consider Oz-Wolf to be too much of a wild animal to issue kudos or demerits.]

Wills- Willow doesn't earn a demerit.

Xan- I don't care that ultimately Oz didn't escape or kill anyone. Xander is a moron and it would've served him right if Oz-Wolf had broken out of the Variable-Strength Book Cage and mauled him. DEMERIT for immediately falling asleep on guard duty.

Giles- Rupert Giles doesn't earn a demerit.

Deb- Yeah, I'm going there. I am giving Debbie a DEMERIT. I understand the psychology that comes with an abuse victim and I want to be sympathetic [and like to think I'm more of this than Buffy for sure] but there is ample evidence that Pete is a multiple murderer now. This isn't about Debbie's tragically co-dependency anymore, and she pisses me off by stonewalling Pete's likely location when things have gone way beyond him being a jealous slapper.

Scott- Scott isn't getting a demerit.

Faith- I don't really get Faith here. She's got a tranquilizer gun, so why does she get close enough to Oz for him to spin around and grapple with her. That was dumb. Half-DEMERIT.

Do we even need to pretend that Pete Clarner might've been an okay guy before he got involved in Mr. Hyde chemistry? Good. He gets a DEMERIT for existing.


Wow, that was lots o' people this time. I'm actually shocked by how there aren't any real kudos at all.

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