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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments with our friends, The Scoobies.

Hey all. Well, this week is a bit of bear as far as getting things done around here, since it’s a work of Mids and an extra day to boot due to vacation-filler-inning around Ye Ol’ Workshop.

So, basically I wish I was still sleeping right now instead. Commence a small pity party for me, please. Thanks.

Now that the World’s Smallest Violin played just for me, let’s turn our attention to BTVS, Season 03 and find out which episode we’ll be scrutinizing to reward our characters for their valor, or giving them the demerit for disappointing actions not becoming them.

Our Episode of the Moment is: “Faith, Hope & Trick

Our Main Players are: Buffy, Rupert, Joyce and new Slayer - Faith Lehane.

The Scoobies are front and center through the front half of the episode, but it’s dialog stuff and is more of an extended cameo-like thing.

Our Characters Are Upstanding Citizens!

Buffy- I’m not handing Buffy a kudo this time out.

Giles- Giles. Again, the man we love. His tricking Buffy into admitting just how horrible things were with her defeat of Angel by not confronting her directly, but by doing so with purposeful trickery was exactly what his Slayer needed. Half-KUDO and a hug.

Joyce- I have to give Joyce a Half-KUDO for NOT freaking out and staying strong when Buffy sort of bumbles into admitting she’d been killed during her Slayer activities while Joyce was still not in the know. If I was her, I would’ve reacted far less calmly… far less.

Faith- I’m handing Faith a KUDO for pulling out of her panic and realizing what is needed when Buffy’s stake fails to kill Kakistos. After what she’s been through, her running again is totally understandable and she could’ve easily plowed through Trick and random henchwoman instead of staying with Buffy.

I’m issuing a Half-Anti-KUDO to Mr. Trick, who seems far more likely to be the planner in this scenario. He managed to railroad the Slayers right into Kakistos’ lair for him to kill himself some Slayers. Considering they’re not from Sunnydale and they’ve only been here a few days, Mr. Trick is obviously very clever.

Our Characters Are An Embarrassment!

Buffy: Okay, Buffy -- two henchvamps have you on the ground and nearly helpless?? What, did you just stop trying because you had a backup Slayer on scene? That was all kinds of embarrassing. Half-DEMERIT
[But also, nice way to bring up Faith’s dead Watcher… wow, Buffy, just wow.]

Rupert: No demerits are flying Giles’ way.

Joyce: I’ve no demerit to hand over to Joyce.

Faith: Faith is a bit complicated here. You could argue that her running away from the bad guy gets her a demerit, or her not watching Buffy’s back on patrol, or her not warning anyone about Kakistos on her trail… wait, that last one. Okay, I’ve gotta hand her a Half-DEMERIT. Even traumatized, Rupert needed to know that the master vampire was chasing after her and would probably put in an appearance eventually. I understand the impulse to think that she’s escaped and to just push it out of her mind - but I can’t fully forgive it.

What the f* Scott Hope? You don’t spring a ring on a girl who you’ve not even had a first date with! That just makes you look like a Stalker-in-Training. Half-DEMERIT … take a breath and chill, dude. [Or I’m just issuing it to try driving Buffy away, because I want him to myself… he’s adorable!]

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