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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS, Season 09


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy

Welcome to another edition of BTVS Character Moment's posting where today's subject is going to be Season Nine's Issue 12. Buffy continues trying to fit her Slayer impulses into a more normal type of job with the help of Kennedy.

Our Focus Characters this time out are: Buffy, Theo Daniels, Kennedy and Eldre Koh.

Our Characters Are The Best!

Buffy: I, again, have no kudo for Buffy.

Theo: Theo decides to destroy his life's creation to cut off W & H, and is why they've targeted him for elimination. That earns a KUDO.

Kennedy: Yay, Kennedy! Her hauling out a grenade to fight the Giant Squid Demon was awesome. KUDO

Eldre: I've also no kudo for Eldre Koh.

Our Characters Are ... Well, You Know..!

Buffy- Buffy gets a Half-DEMERIT for wasting time dealing with Koh when the priority is shutting down the cooling system for the server farm. This is something that she could do right now before Koh could realistically intervene.

Theo- Mr. Daniels does work with Hell Dimensions. I'm having trouble with sympathy for his plight. DEMERIT

Kenn- Kennedy doesn't earn herself a demerit.

Koh- Koh's turn on our team for information from the always unreliable W & H earns him a DEMERIT. Code or no Code, Koh, you've already lost your honor with that dick-move.

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