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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Supernatural


Hey, a third entry in our "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments"-athon.

This time, our entry is taking place in Supernatural and will be for Season One's "Faith"... an episode that I really found to be well done.

Our Characters of Focus are: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester and Preacher Roy LeGrange.

Our Characters - We Love You!

Dean- I'm handing a KUDO over to Dean for choosing the moral path over the comfortable one. His dooming Layla over some stranger he had no connection to because it was the right thing was extremely painful.

Sam- Our Sam will get a Half-KUDO for putting the kids' lives above his brother's and leaving the battle to get them to safety when facing the Rawhead.

Rev. Le Grange- The reverand does gain a Half-KUDO for his morality as well. He could've used his new powers completely to get rich quick, but he doesn't. He remains humbled by his experiences and is a genuinely good man.

Sue Ann Le Grange earns herself an Anti-KUDO by not only discovering how to control a Reaper, but how to provide real good with it [within her twisted standards, anyway... she's evil, don't question that point].

Our Characters - *SLAP!*

Dean: I don't have a demerit to hand to Dean, despite his insulting LeGrange before his "miracle" just a little too openly.

Sam: I will hand Sam a Half-DEMERIT for trying to ignore the obvious causal effects of Dean's healing with another man's death. It's human. He doesn't want to see a problem because he wants to focus on his joy that Dean isn't going to die but it still feels cowardly.

Roy: I've nothing but sympathy for Roy; He really ends up a victim in all of this and I can't imagine what he's going to go through when he finds that not only is his wife dead, but the "healing touch" has left him as miraculously as it came.

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