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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments Day continues from our review of "Kill Baby, Kill" characters with Angel & Faith.

Our issue to day is from the comic, of course and is from A&F's Season One, Issue 14.

Our Characters in today's focus are: Angel, Faith, Connor and Willow. Everyone else is cameo status.

Our Characters - What Wonderful Heroes They Make!

Angel: I'm giving Angel a KUDO for stopping Dark Willow, would be goddess of Quor'Toth.

Faith: Faith is just overwhelmed here and doesn't earn a kudo.

Connor: Connor also doesn't get a chance for a kudo.

Willow: Willow goes up against an Old One, Quor'Toth himself, and wins [at least temporarily]! That earns a KUDO (and I also like that she tried to avoid it because she recognized that she was losing control of herself, too).

Drusilla gets a Half-Anti-KUDO for taking out another Slayer, Marianne of the London Squad.

Our Characters - What Asses They Make!

Angel- Angel doesn't earn a demerit.

Faith- I'm handing Faith a Half-DEMERIT for not being straight yet with the London Slayer's about Angel. They've now seen her fighting side by side with him and that is causing a huge tear in the ranks between them and her which can't end well. She really just needed to confront this situation head on.

Connor- No demerits earned by Connor.

Willow- Alas for Willow, she still has that character weakness when it comes to magic dominating her - especially when she's in contact with dark magic and running on fear. Half-DEMERIT for once again falling victim to herself.

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