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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Kill Baby, Kill!


Hey Everyone!

  Yay for me, I've two whole days off in a row so I can get back to the reviewin'. As you'll perhaps recall, I'm currently working on the review for the first episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker series. This'll be posted by tomorrow evening at the latest.

  Right now though, we've a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments. Our subject today is the Bava movie "Kill Baby, Kill!" which is far better than it should be, judging strictly by that ridiculous Americanized title. Now, I do have a note before we scrutinize our characters. The original review on this one was a mess; It was another review in which I clearly did not take care during the editing. I've gone back through and cleaned it up, so I apologize for the original errors in: grammar, spelling, missing words and unclear sentences. UGH.

  Also, I wish now that I'd included more screen caps to break up the amount of text, especially in that Part II of the review. Sorry for the lack of eye candy. The review was running so long already, that I had tried to limit the length and I should've just gone with the screen caps and let it run as long as it was going to.

  But back to the purpose of our posting. Our characters today are: Dr. Paul Eswai, Monica Schuften, Ruth [Dali] the town Sorceress and Burgomeister Karl [Catenacci].*

*Ruth and Karl don't actually get last names in the film.

Our Characters Are Heroes!

Paul: Paul really tries to figure out what is going on and stop it, but he's just too far out of his element. He doesn't earn any kudos.

Monica: Monica doesn't earn a kudo.

Ruth: Ultimately Ruth does stop the murders, but... well... for reasons in DEMERITS I can only hand her a Half-KUDO for her attempts to help.

Karl: I have to give Karl a Half-KUDO for his attempts, late in coming but still, to clarify for the doctor and especially Monica that she is the one who is currently endangered. Alas, The Baroness isn't going to allow it to go unpunished.

I'm handing out a KUDO to Irena Hollander, who risked her life [and lost, alas] trying to summon help to put a stop to the murders plaguing her village when everyone else has their heads fatally stuck in the sand.

I'm giving the Baroness Graps an Anti-KUDO for her ability to use her powers to entirely control the town, despite her wiping it out member by member. Nobody is willing to take the fight to her and they spend far too long trying to cooperate with her, despite them still being killed off. She has the whole village cowed into hopeless surrender.

I'm giving Melissa Graps, dead though she may be, a Half-KUDO. She can't, apparently, communicate directly but by the end of the story I feel that she's been trying to lead people to clues in order to stop her crazed mother and they simply weren't interpreted correctly. She ends up being a victim, not a remorseless, ghostly, half-pint killer the way we were led to believe.

Our Characters Are Charlatans!

Paul- Paul doesn't do anything to earn a demerit.

Monica- Monica gets annoying pretty quickly, but she doesn't earn a demerit. I just wish she'd had more backbone and that she'd taken some proactive steps against her mother when she had the chance.

Ruth- I am so disgusted with Ruth by the end. She earns a DEMERIT for basically sacrificing the rest of the villagers in order to keep Graps' magical claws off of her boyfriend. I mean the selfishness of this revelation is beyond the pale. (This is one of the times when I wish I had a super-demerit to hand out.)

Karl- Karl shares in the group demerit, but doesn't earn on of his own.

I'm handing out a Half-DEMERIT to Inspector Kruger for his utter lack of subtlety in his disregard for the Villagers. He does nothing
to help charm the townsfolk into helping him help them.

I'm also handing out a group DEMERIT to the Entire Village, who have tried the "hide and stay silent method" of protecting themselves when it is MORE THAN OBVIOUS that this isn't going to help them. They also don't just leave, so they're a part of the problem even as they continue to die.

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