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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Six Million Dollar Man


Welcome to a new series to join our "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" postings. I speak of The Six Million Dollar Man, who we have visited twice now.

Our entry today concerns the first tele-film: The Six Million Dollar Man and our focus characters for our judgement are: The Six... err... Steve Austin, Dr. Rudy Wells, Oliver Spencer and Jean Manners.

Our Characters ROCK!

Steve: Despite Steve being our hero, I don't actually have a kudo to hand to him. Huh... odd.

Rudy: Rudy's kudo is related to his bionic research and ergo is a group kudo.

Oliver: Oliver Spencer is a jerk. Let's make that clear, right off. But he is exactly the sort of patriotic, authority figure that Steve needs to push him out of his self-pity and I give Oliver a Half-KUDO for playing Austin like a piano exactly when he needs it.

Jean: Jean doesn't earn an individual kudo, but she will share in the group kudo.

Obviously Rudy [and his staff] get a huge group-KUDO for the revolutionary, top secret, cybernetic replacement they've successfully researched and implemented.

Our Characters BLOW!

Austin- I'm not handing Steve a demerit for anything, even his outbursts. With what he's going through, a little bit of selfish temper tantrum doesn't seem all that horrible.

Wells- I really don't like how Rudy Wells completely ignores Steve's inquiry regarding what he'll have to do to pay back the government for supplying his new limbs. It's just horrible that Rudy would pretend that this is "all for medical mercy" when he already knows damned well that Steve is to be drafted into the intelligence services by Oliver Spencer. DEMERIT, Doctor -- stop directly lying to your patient, he's not some child.

Spencer- Oliver Spencer is the worst. He gets a huge-ass DEMERIT for sending Steve on a virtual suicide mission to rescure a diplomat he already knows was executed, not because it's just an underhanded and shitty thing to do on its face, but because he does this AS A TEST. A TEST. Of an experimental technology whose secrecy is of absolute priority, just to see if Austin will have the will to survive and ergo be a good agent. Instead of... oh, dead and dissected with bionic secrets now in the hands of a terrorist cell.

Manners- I'm trying to be sympathetic to Jean, but I find her lack of medical impartiality with her patient to be mildly problematic. When Steve suffers any set backs in his handling his new condition, Nurse Manners is useless because she's too emotionally involved. I'm handing her a Half-DEMERIT for her complete lack of ability to maintain perspective.

The "Executive Committee" overseeing Oliver Spencer's project get a huge EW! and a DEMERIT for basically implying to Nurse Manners face that she has a duty to "show Steve a relaxing time on R & R" before they start telling him what they expect from his new bionics. It is disrespectful to Jean's profession and to her personally. Not that she seemed to notice, but I did.

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