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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Back again, huh?

Okay… let’s entertain you with another posting of  “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” as we all seem to have a bit of fun with ‘em.

Our post’s subject is going to be Buffy’s sister comic, “Angel & Faith”.

And our scrutiny is to be focused on Season 1 [y’know what, I hate actually referring to seasons with this comic because it’s all so screwed up: We can call this Angel & Faith, Season 1 or we can call it DH’s Angel Season 09, or we can call it correctly as Angel Season 07... Argh.]

Our issue is Number Thirteen and our focus characters are: Angel, Faith, Willow, and Connor and the Kobold Leader.

Our Characters Are Impressive!

Angel- I’ve got a group kudo to hand out, and Angel will receive a portion of it.

Faith- Faith receives a bit of the group kudo.

Willow- Wills holds off an Old One and that is nothing to shrug at… she gets a KUDO.

Connor- Connor will also gain a portion of the group kudo.

Kobold- I’ll include the Kobold Leader in the group kudo, as well.

The Group receives a KUDO for successfully making a jailbreak from the heart of Quor’Toth and freeing the other Kobold sacrifices.

I’m handing an Anti-KUDO to Quor’Toth, the Old One, for having an entire realm dominated by none but itself. Having a realm so utterly corrupted that it’s but an extension of itself couldn’t have been easy or quick.

Our Characters Are A Disappointment!

Angel: I don’t have a demerit for Angel.

Faith: I’m not handing a demerit to Faith.

Willow: Willow skates through with no demerit.

Connor: Connor doesn’t do anything to disappoint me.

Kobold: The Kobold isn’t in line for a demerit.

I don’t know about Whistler. I think he’s gone insane and that makes him not really liable for what he’s doing as he’s just as wounded by magic’s end as Willow --- probably more so, actually. But I’m having trouble understanding his choosing Nash and Pearl as his partners in his endeavor. Even crazy-cakes, that feels like a really bad choice. I kinda want to hand him a half-demerit for it, but … well… I’m not gonna for now.

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