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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Man, I have got to figure out a schedule in order to get back to posting on a more regular basis, gang. I am so dragged out! Before we get to today’s subject in our ongoing “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting -- The Buffy review for “Gingerbread” will be completed and posted this weekend for sure. I want to say by Saturday night, but let’s just commit to “this weekend” and leave it at that for now.

But back to today’s post: We’re scanning our main characters for their moments that make us cheer for them, and those for which we can only shake our heads in disapproval. Our subject today is Buffy and the gang in Season Nine’s “Guarded, Part I”… also known as, Issue 11.

Our Characters falling under my withering scrutiny are: Buffy, Kennedy, Eldre Koh, and Robert Dowling.

Our Characters - Way To Go!

Buffy- Buffy doesn’t earn a kudo this time around.

Kennedy- I’m handing Kennedy a Half-KUDO for putting her Slayer abilities to a logical and great use post-Seed shattering, and giving some of the other Slayers a genuine opportunity to do the same.

Koh- Eldre doesn’t receive a kudo.

Robert- Dowling has hit the ground running when it comes to his special task force within the SFPD to deal with the zompires and gets himself a Half-KUDO.

I’ve got a special KUDO to hand to the Unnamed Uniformed SFPD Officer, who saves a random victim from a zompire with a stake to the back. Yes, people can actually learn how to save themselves, at least from uncoordinated, single vampire attacks.

Our Characters - Oh, Way To Go…(please drizzle liberally with sarcasm)

Buffy: Well, obvs Buffy did a big fail on her test as a new recruit to the bodyguard business and if that gun had been real, she’d be on the floor right now ventilated and her client would be, at best, robbed and at worst lying right beside her with a hole in him. DEMERIT … but she knew that was coming.

Kenn: Hmmm, I’m not overly-thrilled with Kennedy using a gun - even with blanks - in Buffy’s training scenario. But this is specifically because I sympathize with Buffy’s outlook on guns after what has happened with them in the past. But facing bullets is part of the body guarding and probably more common than supernatural demon threats at this point, so there isn’t a demerit coming. [Which, uh, probably means I didn’t need to type all that out….]

Eldre Koh: I’ve no problems with Koh.

Robert: Robert doesn’t irritate me.

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