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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Hey, all.

  And we're back with another edition of "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" with our friends Angel and Faith. Our issue today involves the return of Connor to Quor'Toth in an attempt to help Willow bring magic back to Earth. It's Issue 12.

Our focus characters are: Angel, Faith, Connor and Willow.

Our Characters Make Us Proud!

Angel- I don't think I'll issue a kudo to Angel this time.

Faith- Nothing to hand to Faith.

Connor- We get a little bit of The Destroyer and the implication that Connor's exploits as a teen were a big enough deal to have the entire dimension singing his praises or quaking in fear of his prophesied return. And of course, I agree with Connor's loyalty even though I don't think he really had an obligation to the Kobolds. Half-KUDO

Willow- It's nice for Wills that she's got her mojo back and her so quickly learning a completely foreign energy matrix is impressive. I'll give her a Half-KUDO.

Ew. I have to give Holtz a retroactive KUDO for managing to both survive and to keep Connor alive in Quor'Toth. I cannot imagine what he was thinking, but damned if he didn't ensure that they both lived through their time there.

Big KUDO for the Kobolds rescuing our gang in the nick of time.

Our Characters Are Atrocious!

Angel: I've no demerit for Angel.

Faith: I've no demerit for Faith.

Connor: I've no demerit for Connor.

Willow: I've no demerit for Willow.

I have to give Holtz a retroactive DEMERIT for abandoning Connor "all the time" to find his way back to safety or die in the attempt. What an asshole.

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