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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: BTVS


Welcome back, Buffy fans. Time for another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments, taking a look at BTVS, Season 09, Issue 10.

Well, if I can get over my outrage at Andrew's hijinks so I can focus on our other characters.

And to that point, our focus characters are: RoboBuffy, MindCloneBuffy, Spike, Andrew, BugCrewMen and Robert Dowling.

Our Characters Excel Excellently!

RoboBuffy (the actual Buffy): I like Buffy's quick thinking to escape her bindings in order to take on her double. Half-KUDO

MindCloneBuffy (Andrew's manufactured Buffy): Buffy's body gets a KUDO for diving in to save Andrew from being cut in half by Simone's machine gun.

Spike: I'm giving Spike a Half-KUDO for finally standing up for himself and telling Buffy that he can't keep playing her almost-on / no-off game anymore.

Andrew: Andrew gets nada in this issue.

BugCrew:The Bug Crew does a lot against Simone for Spike and Andrew and they get a KUDO.

Robert: I've nothing for Dowling, but sympathy.

I'm giving Simone an Anti-KUDO for the asskicking that she gave Spike. He and his creepy, little bugs too!

Our Characters Disappoint Decidedly!

Actual Buffy- Well, Buffy did start that "woe is me" stuff again, but I'm not giving her an irritated demerit for it.

Replacement Buffy- Well, the Suburban Buffy sure is weak willed. It took no time to turn her Simone's way, even after being kidnapped by her and it takes even less time for Buffy and Andy to turn her mind back around. Half-DEMERIT

Spike- No demerits for Spike.

Andy- We discussed Andrew's faults already. In this, he doesn't earn a demerit.

BugCrewMen- No demerits for the Bug Collective.

Det. Dowling- I've no demerit for our detective.

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