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Best Of / Worst Of Angel's Character Moments


Welcome back to another Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments with Angel & Faith. Our current issue will be Season One's
Issue Eleven and the start of Willow's attempt to bring about the return of magic to Earth, but not until she and Angel share some harsh words at one another.

Our focus characters include: Angel, Faith, Willow, Nadira, Gunn, & Connor.

Our Characters Do Good!

Angel- I like Angel pointing out to Willow that she has a lot of nerve for shouting at him about being irresponsible, when what she's doing is just as... not to mention what she's done in the past and her calling him reckless and selfish while also asking him to risk his son on her nutty plans. He gets a Half-KUDO.

Faith- I generally like Faith in this issue, but she doesn't earn a kudo.

Wills- Whatever you want to say about Willow, once she gets her mind on something, she can usually find a way to do it. Her entire finding a way to cross dimensional barriers without The Seed was pretty industrious and smart of her. I'll hand over the KUDO.

Nadira- Nadira isn't receiving a kudo this issue.

Charles- I liked seeing Gunn in a relatively good place after the way life was basically beating up on him all through Angel the Series and IDW's run. But, no kudo.

Connor- I have to hand him a KUDO for his being fully on board with returning to Quor'Toth with Willow after the literal hell he'd been through there. He doesn't even question it when she tells him that it is important and necessary.

I'm going to hand a Half-KUDO to Livinia for her comeback at Willow's bitchiness over finding her and her sister staying with Angel. Willow needs a lot more having her attitude thrown back on her in my estimation.

Our Characters Are Jerks!

Angel: I did not appreciate Angel's nearly spitting in Faith's face in the bar when they'd reached L.A. over "parenting advice" which was actually more about not letting his quest to make up for Giles go too far when it could end in his losing something worse. But... as much as I had a twinge of anger at him, it's not enough for a demerit.

Faith: I don't have rants against Faith.

Willow: Willow, in particular is a jerk. And a blindly hypocritical one at that. She earns a Half-DEMERIT for being quick to point out everything that everyone else has done wrong and is doing wrong, without any consciousness that she's not exactly being a saint lately, herself.

Nadira: Well, one still worries over the rage and depression that Nadira is still clearly suffering, but she doesn't get a demerit this time.

Charles: Gunn doesn't do anything to earn scorn.

Connor: Connor doesn't disappoint me [and I was waiting for a random ass-kicking to happen to him as a matter of habit].

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