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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy & the Gang


Welcome to another edition of Best / Worst Of Character Moments with the Scooby Gang, as we check out Buffy's Season 09 Issue 09.

Our focus characters in this Buffy/Buffybot vs. Simone Doffler issue are: Buffy-in-Buffybot, Andrew, Spike, Xander, Robert Dowling and Dawn.

Our Characters Are Special!

Real Buffy (aka Buffy in Buffybot body)- Buffy doesn't earn a kudo.

Andrew- Well. Andrew's plan was stupid. But he executed it exceptionally well and his "programming" the organic faux-Buffy was realistic enough for her to have a life and even have friends of her own. That deserves a KUDO for skill, if not for the deed itself.

Spike- Nothing for Spike.

Xan- No kudos for Xander.

Robert- Dowling stakes his ex-partner and saves Xan's neck; KUDO.

Dawn- Dawn is without a kudo.

I have no idea what Simone did to real-body-Buffy-with-constructed-personality, but she sure did turn her on real-Buffy-in-fake-body awfully damned fast. That deserves an Anti-KUDO.

I'm giving a Half-KUDO to the Female Alley Cop; despite being grievously injured, her first concern is to warn away Xan, Robert and Dawn -- not to ask for help for herself.

Our Characters Are Daft!

Real Buffy: I've no demerit for Buffy. In fact, if anything she should probably get a half demerit for not punching Andrew in the nose.

Andrew: I hate you sometimes, Andy. What was going to happen after the Siphon was dealt with and Buffy was returned to her own body? What was going to happen to your creation, after she was developing a personality outside of that which you created? Wasn't she on her way to becoming a being of her own? Did you even think of that at all while watching her? I'd hope that you would put her in her robot body without her being the wiser and she could go on, but that seems like a hopelessly optimistic plan and just... deleting her... feels wrong too, thanks to how well you executed your plan.

I'm issuing a Half-DEMERIT for your short-sightedness.

Spike: No demerits for Spike.

Xander: Xander responds to Robert's saving his ass by asking an impertinent and callous question about which face of Miranda's Robert sees. STOP BEING A BITCH -- I don't care if you were kinda trying to bond with Robert over your own experience with Jesse. Half-DEMERIT

Robert: I understand Robert's turmoil... I really do, but as an officer the LAST thing that he should've done is put down his weapon before the crime scene was secured... and this is especially when they're hunting down a slaughtering zompire. DEMERIT

Dawn: I don't have a demerit for Dawn.

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