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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel, Faith, Giles' frickin' Aunt Comedy Reliefs


Best Of / Worst Of Angel character moments rolls on with Angel & Faith's Season One, Issue Ten's "Women of a Certain Age" where we find out about Rupert Giles' childhood and how he came to be identified as a destined Watcher from his two Grand Aunts.

Alas, they also happen to be comedy relief characters. But I suppose that could be my own issue, as I generally dislike CRCs. Anyway, our focus characters are a bit of a list:

Sophronia (including her flashback counterpart)
Lavinia (including her in flashback as well)
Flashback!Edna (Rupert's Grandmother)
Flashback!Mr. Giles (Rupert's father)

Our Characters Impress!

Angel- I'll give Angel a Half-KUDO for not giving the Fairweathers the heave-ho after finding out just how many mystics and demons they screwed over with their "deals". I mean there is being a hero, and then there is playing a chump.

Faith- Yeah, Faith too. She gets a Half-KUDO.

Sophie- Sophie earns no kudos, mostly because I'm not fully on board with the plan to resurrect Giles, so I'm not willing to give a reward for helping Angel in this quest.

Liv- Lavinia earns no kudos, mostly because I'm not fully on board with the plan to resurrect Giles, so I'm not willing to give a reward for helping Angel in this quest. She did seem like she was much more concerned with Rupert not being shoved into the Council Academy as well, and may have been on the verge of turning down the Shard in exchange for Rupert's admission being delayed... the confrontation with Edna was cut off before we could see where it might've led. It's possible that I could've scrounged up a half for her, which is better than her sister.

Edna- Edna doesn't receive a postumous kudo, but her axing the suddenly solidified former light being was a pretty sweet moment.

Mr. Giles- Rupert's father will also not receive a kudo.

Rupert- Rupert picks up a mystic object and instinctively uses it. Which, alas, is what took his childhood from him. But on the other hand, it also gave us Rupert Giles, Watcher who we all love. I guess none of it is here nor there, though, he doesn't get a kudo because it was all happenstance and instinctually activating the mystic Shard's power rather than a deliberate action.

Our Characters Fail!

Angel: I have nothing to ding Angel for.

Faith: Faith's a bit cross right out of the gate with Giles' Grand Aunts before they even clearly have it coming. But, she's not horrid enough to earn a demerit... especially since I can gloss it all over by claiming "Slayer instinct" told her that Sophie and Liv were asses.

Sophronia: Her irresponsibility and self-centeredness is nothing new and she obviously isn't the least bit careful about tossing her magic around. And that gets those near her injured. Something that barely seems to phase her. Half-DEMERIT

Lavinia: Liv is somehow even more self-centered than her sister. At least there is one or two panels where I can see something human peeking through Sophie's exterior. Liv gets a full DEMERIT, but for the same flaws that Sophie earned hers for.

Edna: Edna's just a brusque as her son, but again, I'm not handing over a demerit.

Rupert's Father: I have nothing to demerit Mr. Giles over. But Giles, Senior was an awfully brusque man when it came to denying Rupert every comfort of his childhood. Of course, we're seeing this from Liv & Sophie's viewpoint, and they're clearly unreliable narrators.

Rupert: Rupert is a child, he doesn't get a demerit.

Considering that Willow is there to ask for Angel's help, her opening her request by snottily telling Angel that snapping necks seems to be his thing, in reference to Giles' death was pretty shitty of her. It bothered me enough to hand over a Half-DEMERIT to her.

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