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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Welcome back to another posting for our ongoing "Best of / Worst of Character Moments" series! Are you excited? You're excited.

We're here to take a closer look at our heroes in BTVS, Season 09, Issue 08.

I have only two words to say: Andrew Wells.

I want to punch him.

But our focus characters are: Andrew, Buffy (mostly), and Spike.

Our Characters Are Terrific!

Andrew Wells: I've no kudo for Andrew.

Buffy Summers: I've no kudo to give to Buffy-in-robot, or imposter!engrams-in-Buffy.

William Pratt: I've not a kudo to give to Spike, but I did enjoy his putting some terror into Andy.

As much as I loathe it, Warren Meers deserves a huge retroactive!KUDO for figuring out how to transfer a consciousness into an artificial body. Obvs, he was going to do it for himself later, but never got around to it before magic died. But that doesn't take away the accomplishment.

Our Characters Are Horrible!

Andy: Andrew, you mother-f@$#ing asshat! Drugging Buffy and then transferring her mind to "protect her" while not telling her is not "using your powers for good". And it earns you such a huge DEMERIT.

Buffy: Neither Buffy earns a demerit.

Spikey: Nothing for Spike.

Xander Harris is getting a DEMERIT for the anger issues. Punching the bathroom wall because Dawn doesn't respond fast enough for you?? What the hell is going on with you?

Dawn Summers gets herself a Half-DEMERIT for not being a LOT more concerned about Xander's temper-problem, especially when he's directing the hostility in her direction. Uh-uh, Dawnie - you need to stomp on that shit right now; This situation is feeling scary.

I'm handing Detective Dowling a Half-DEMERIT for not at least being suspicious that Miranda Cheung could've been turned. The blood in the stomach is kinda a dead giveaway to at least be very leery.

To that point, San Francisco's ME gets a DEMERIT for not having recognized the signs that his patient may've been turned. In fact, it shouldn't take any overt signs - it should just be assumed for safety's sake that somebody killed by a vampire may be a vampire.

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