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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


Hello everyone. As we get all warmed up for our visit with BTVS' "Amends" and sitting on the edge of our collective seats to see what the next review will be, let's take another moment with Angel & Faith.

This here is a "Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments" posting and our subject is Issue 09 from Season 01/Angel Season 07 (not 09, DH).

Our Main Players on which to focus are: Angel & Faith, believe it or not.

Our Characters Shine!

Angel: I've not a kudo to give, again, Angel.

Faith: Our Faith steps in to stop Dru when she decides to take away Angel's choice in having the Lorophage "help" him. She gets a Half-KUDO, because she was still riding high on her own exposure at the time.

Drusilla, once she turns on Angel, has some very ballet-esque moves and she does really well against both Angel and Faith; It earns her a Half-Anti-KUDO.

Our Characters Disappoint!

Angel- Y'know, I was pretty annoyed at Angel for trying to guilt-trip Faith for having someone else relieve her of her years and years of emotional misery. But I'm not going to issue a demerit... everyone has a right to voice their opinion once, even if I think it's none of his damned business.

Faith- I was pretty disappointed in Faith's choice to run to the Lorophage after another blow to her self esteem thanks to dear, old dad and what she did to Jimmy Mulligan. But, I'm also sympathetic enough to the whole idea of having the emotional trauma removed from her that I'm not issuing a demerit. It was her choice, even if I found it to be highly questionable.

Oh, Dru. Even sane, you can stop yourself from acting selfish. Well, demon... so, I guess I really have only myself to blame for actually being disappointed. But you're the one trying to turn over a new leaf, allegedly, so you get a DEMERIT.

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