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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Best Of / Worst Of for are broody, souled vampire and his Slayer partner; That is Faith and Angel, not Lovesick!Spike and Buffy.

We're taking a look in this post at A&F, Season 01, Issue 08.

Our focus characters are Faith and Angel, of course. But in this issue, we're also taking a closer look at Nadira and Faith's long-lost father, Pat.

Our Characters: We're Proud of 'Em!

Faith- I really like how Faith is handling Nadira, though it's drastically undercut by her suggesting the Lorophage as a way for her Slayer to put aside her turmoil. There won't be any kudos because of that latter.

Angel- Angel's quick thinking probably saved a life that would've been on Faith's conscience and she's got enough going already. Half-KUDO.

Nadira- I've nothing to award Nadira for.

Pat- Mr. Lehane does nothing that earns him anything but scorn.

Our Characters: Oh, Screw Them!

Faith: Faith's little overreaction to the mobsters will earn her a Half-DEMERIT, despite my personal feelings that they had it coming. [I'll just hand myself a half-demerit, too - fair is fair.]

Angel: I have nothing against Angel in this issue.

Nadira: Nadira! I don't care how much pain you're in, turning on your fellow Slayers and going after your mentor with a sword sucks ass. You get a DEMERIT.

Pat: Pat Lehane isn't exactly a bad guy... as in villain, but he's a bad guy in that he sucks as a person. He gets a DEMERIT for... everything.

Jimmy "Handsome" Mulligan earns himself a DEMERIT for stupidity. If you're being paid off handsomely to retire a debt, then just take the f@*king money, you dipshit. I'm glad you're left one handed.

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