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Best Of / Worst Of Angel & Faith


Time once again to revisit our comic heroes' past adventures and size up when they made us proud and when we were deeply embarrassed by them. Our subject for today's post is: Angel & Faith, Season 01, Issue 07.

Our focus characters in this issue are: Faith and Angel ... strangely enough.

One little note though, we wander into flashback territory and I've not issued any rewards/demerits for things which we'll see if I ever get around to finishing the tv-Buffyverse reviews. It's for this reason, you won't see anything for Angelus, for instance ... those things will be covered in a different Best/Worst posting.

Our Characters Are Great:

Faith- I've nothing to hand over to Faith this time out.

Angel- Angel hasn't earned a kudo.

Believe it or not, Drusilla is an iffy proposition in this one. Her use of the Lorophage is certainly for her own benefit, as she freely admits. But it's also true that she's helping people by alleviating their emotional pain and she isn't forcing anyone to participate... people are there of their own free will to try this. I'm really on the fence about what she's doing, but I also feel sympathy to the idea of wanting a fresh start by having your emotional baggage removed. Ayy-yi-yi, what to do with Dru's gig? She's behaving herself and she's not out to victimize anyone so I think I'm handing her a Half-KUDO for her attempts to help people. But it's a wishy-washy half-kudo that I'm ambivalent about.

Wait, did I say great? I meant that Our Characters Suck!

Faith: Nothing bothers me from Faith.

Angel: I don't really like Angel avoiding Connor, and his stated reasons is just more of his self-abuse on top of it. But, that isn't enough to hand over a demerit. It's his own business.

I've got a bad feeling about Pat Lehane looking up his daughter's address, but I'm reserving judgement.

I'm also still scrutinizing Drusilla, but I've not got a demerit for her yet.

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