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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments - BTVS


Hey all.

  While we wait for my less-than-stellar record of racing through my episode reviewage - i.e. for me to finally post the latest review for "Amends", let's pretend that I'm not slacking by spending time with another "Best Of / Worst Of" mini-post!

  'Cause honestly, I'm having fun with 'em.

  Our current subject will be for BTVS, Season 9's Issue 07. Which, uh, yeah... kinda pissed me off a tiny bit. But if you want that drama, you know that's what my review is for.

  This is about focusing on our characters, not our plot. And that leads to our main listing: Buffy [sort of], Spike, and Robert Dowling. I wanted to list Miranda, but she doesn't have enough panels... ditto Spike's Bug Crew who are still cool, if a bit misplaced.

Our Characters Are The Bomb!

Spike: I've nothing kudo worthy from Spike.

Buffy: Sorta-Buffy gets a Half-KUDO for some ridiculously sweet slaying moves on the swarming zompires crowding Spike.

Robert: Robert isn't earning a kudo, not even for that first clumsy dusting.

Our Characters Are A Noxious Squib!

Pratt - I've got to give Spike a Half-DEMERIT for not twigged onto the fact that "Buffy" was physically a mechanical copy. It's just too ridiculous.

Summers - I'm handing Buffy-kinda a Half-DEMERIT for getting too distracted by Spike's unshocking love for her to frickin' watch her back for stray zompires.

Dowling - I don't have against Robert this time out.

Poor Willow. She's not even in this issue and I've got a Half-DEMERIT waiting for her when she returns. I just don't buy that her magical senses can't pick up a robotic duplicate of her best friend who she's been shown to be mystically connected to.

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