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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: BTVS


Sorry Gang for the quiet lately. New job, new training schedule, warm and humid weather, trying to dig myself out of the financial hole from the unemployment… I’m just exhausted.

But I do have a bit of energy for a Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments just to show I haven’t abandoned LJ yet, so let’s take a look at our Slayer, shall we?

Today, we’ll take a peek at BTVS, Season 09, Issue 06 and see where our protagonists rise to our expectations, and where they leave us disappointed in their behavior.

Our main players are: Buffy (uh… sort of), Spike, Flashback!Nikki Wood, Flashback!Bernard Crawley, and not!flashback Robert Dowling. We also have cameo status for Dawn and Robin Wood, both of whom I considered including in our list.

Our Characters Are Impressing Us!

Buffy: I’m not laying any kudos on Buffy, but I do admire that she takes the time to really get sure about what she wants to do before making her difficult choice and she includes talking to people she trusts to help her make her decision.

Spike: I’ve no kudos for Spike.

Robert: I’ve nothing for the detective.

Nikki: Nikki gets a KUDO for surviving her Cruciamentum in semi-uncontrolled conditions … and while pregnant to boot. She saved herself and unborn Robin with her wits, her intestinal fortitude and her fearlessness.

Bernard: Bernard was also a very good man, much more like a certain Rupert Giles to Buffy than an average Council-trained Watcher. And he wasn’t shy about supporting his Slayer through everything, up to and including spiriting her away with her child to a new life where they Council would hopefully never find her. KUDO

I’m going to hand a Half-KUDO to Robin… just ‘cause. I’m feeling soft and generous, deal with it. He’s very level headed for somebody who went through a mother who chose a mission to stalk superhuman monsters night after night over raising him in relative safety and his advice to Buffy is measured, considered and supportive. He’s just a good guy all around.

Our Characters Are Deeply Disappointing!

Buffy- I’m not issuing demerits to Buffy.

Spike- I’ve nothing to issue a demerit to Spike for.

Robert- Detective Dowling doesn’t earn a demerit.

Nikki- My first impulse is to issue Nikki a demerit for putting her mission over her own baby son. But on really considering it, I’m more forgiving than that first impulse. Nikki believed wholeheartedly in her mission as the Slayer; One could even speculate that her identity was tied to her being Chosen. I can see her walking away only to be plagued by all of the dangers she’s leaving people to for her own selfish reasons [from her viewpoint, certainly not mine… let the Council get off their collective asses and fight evil for a while]. I can understand how that may drive her to return to her role and am more sympathetic to her choice to return to her duty.

Bernard- No demerit is issued to Bernard, either.

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