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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


As I begin the review of our next film, let us take a moment or several to present another day of Best Of / Worst Of features.

Our first topic of inquiry will be Angel’s. And since I’ve yet to reach even Season One of Angel on television… my god… how slow can one person go in reviewing the Buffyverse, I ask you, we’ll be taking a look at Angel & Faith - Season One, Issue 06.

Our main players will be: Angel, Faith, Flashback!Giles, and Nadira.

Our Characters Are Helpful!

Angel: Angel doesn’t shine in this issue and doesn’t get a kudo.

Faith: Faith saves a life, and Nadira. I’ll hand her a Half-KUDO.

Rupert: Teen!Rupert doesn’t earn a kudo.

Nadira: Nothing for Nadira right now.

Our Characters Are Hurtful!

Angel- Angel doesn’t do anything stupid and avoids a demerit.

Faith- While I don’t like Faith being so crappy to Alasdair when the man was only helping, it isn’t enough for a demerit.

Rupert- I’m not handing out a demerit to Flashback!Giles.

Nadira- Nadira earns herself a Half-DEMERIT for how close she came to staking a human being; it is only Faith’s intervention that saved the guy’s life. Not very Slayer-honing of Nadira, but she’s only getting a half demerit because we’ve seen that the Slayers can sometimes simply get carried way by the weight of their destiny and we’ve also seen that Buffy has had a hard time with mastering sensing a vampire’s or not’s presence. So while Nadira should always be checking her target and needs to be faulted for it… they guy was acting like a vampire, including biting somebody on the neck so I can also understand the error in the heat of the moment.

While I’m always loathe to hand out a demerit to the deceased, I must hand a DEMERIT to Flashback!Charlotte the Watcher-trainee. If you see a demon kill two of your classmates because they tried to stake it, and saw a wood stake shatter against its hide, then trying to stake the creature yourself is just going to end up with you looking foolish… and being dead, which I suppose is the bigger concern. Sorry, Charlotte.

Also, nice looking out for your students, Senior Watchers/Mr. Giles, Senior! You all get a collective DEMERIT.

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