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Have A Fic? The second.


I have another request for a fic that has been haunting my brain, but that I can't seem to write myself. Somebody who is in a much more writerly mood... have at it!

The plot involves The Walking Dead, just pre-apocalypse (this part could be just in flashback or character dreams) in which Dean and Sam are near Atlanta on a case while the world is going to hell. They end up at the camp with Rick, Shane, et. al. wondering what is happening to the world, and where Castiel is to fix this.

Must Include:

Sam and Dean meeting Rick: If it is in the hospital, then it takes place after Rick figures out a disaster of some sort happens and Dean/Sam should be just as confused about what the hell happened to the world as anybody. If it takes place at the camp on the outskirts of the city, Sam and Dean should already be clashing with Shane and later Rick over they're trying to boss the Winchesters [since they already have the monster fighting experience, they're the ones who would surely not 'fall into line' with the "leaders" just because they were cops].

At least makes references to major happenings in The Walking Dead tv series, but it doesn't at all have to center on them, or follow the plot mechanics/conclusions of those episodes.

Bonus points for this turning into a series: If this happens, it'd be cool for extra bonus points if either Sam or Dean die sometime at the prison, leaving the other to carry on knowing that resurrection isn't possible anymore.

Bonus points again if somehow, Buffy and her gang find their way to Atlanta and join the group [I'd suggest at the CDC or on the trek to Alexandria if this turns into a series of stories]. Just justify it somehow in story as to how Buffy, et al. showed up in Georgia or whereever, rather than being in California.

Must Not Include:

I've got nothing here. Just try to keep our protaganists sympathetic, if not always likeable. Don't character slam; it's lazy.

Other Things:

I don't mind if the timeline is made over for the SPN-verse/Buffyverse in order to include/exclude characters or prior events in those series. I know this is popular in order to make Dean/Sam's adventures more contemporary with Buffy's and that's fine, either way.

Post comment/linkage here so I can find the results, of course!

First and foremost: Have Fun With It!

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