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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel


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Welcome to another edition of “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”, the miniseries in which we take a second look at our characters from past reviews and scan them with an eye toward issuing them kudos or demerits for their actions. Today we’re going to go over to England to check on Faith and Angel in Angel & Faith, Season 01, Issue 05.

Now, this one has a LOT of Harmony, which would make her a main player in the tale. But here, we focus on protagonists and I simply can’t countenance Harmony Kendall as a featured player. So, you’ll find her missing from our “focus” list.

Our true listed characters are: Angel, Faith and Clem.

Our Characters Are Godiva Chocolate Good!

Angel: It’s always nice to see Angel working cases again as a detective, and he did finally get to the truth of the matter. But, I wasn’t actually all that impressed since the blackmailer pretty much pointed himself out as the culprit. I’ve nothing to hand to our vampire.

Faith: Faith is Faithy, which is amusing and kick-assy but not kudo-worthy on its own.

Clem: Nothing for Clem, either, alas.

I have to admit that I didn’t see Harmony’s crusade to reform vampirism lasting very long and I was wrong. She does seem to take fitting into general human society seriously and I think she deserves a Half-KUDO for not abandoning her work to stop the prey/hunter dynamic between the species [as much as she can, still being a soulless vampire, anyway].

Our Characters Are Rotted Grapes Poor!

Angel- No demerits for Angel this issue.

Faith- I’ve no complaints against Faith (except for my general discomfort of Harmony not being dusted already).

Clem- So, I’m already continuing my disappointment toward Clement for being a toady to Harms but that doesn’t get a demerit here. No, Clem really crossed a line for me when he resorted to a scandal against Harmony in order to try to play the big hero. That’s a betrayal of both his personal and professional relationship with her. And despite her being a vampire, she’s a reformed one so deserves better. She may have forgiven him, but I’m handing down a DEMERIT.

Harmony is easily the most irritating vampire running around. Even more so than the brutal killer zompires. But she doesn’t earn a demerit, despite my personal aversion to her taking up too much comic book space.

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