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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: (other) Daughter of the Tong


And here we are, our final entry in our “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” postings for today. We’re going to take a look at our “other” category with the movie, “Daughter of the Tong”, which was obviously a cheaply, quickly made little film and it really showed in the quality of the script.

But our purpose with this series isn’t to revisit the review. It’s to focus on our “heroic” characters and judge whether they live up to our standards, or get themselves a demerit instead.

Our Characters of focus are: Ralph Dickson, Marion Morgan and her brother Jerry Morgan.

Our Characters Shine!

Ralph: I can’t give Ralph a kudo for anything he does, including saving Marion because the way he goes about it is STUPID. How in the hell he isn’t killed for being a thorn in The Illustrious One’s side, even without his cover blown, is a mystery.

Marion: I like the way that Marion flips the situation of her save by Ralph, when she doesn’t know he’s a good guy, and makes her escape from him. Half-KUDO

Jerry: Jerry gets nothing.

I’m going to give ‘Evelyn’ Carney a Half-Anti-KUDO for being a woman in the ‘30’s who had not only built a successful criminal empire, but has managed to earn the respect and loyalty of the men in her operation without having to use a straw man to maintain order. Everyone is entirely comfortable with a woman in charge, speaking to her abilities.

Our Characters Are Pathetic!

Ralph- Ralph was absolutely the worst FBI agent to peg for an undercover assignment. He goes out of his way to plainly ignore Carney’s instructions, wanders in plain sight to criminal locations where he has no business if he’s who he is pretending to be, and interferes obviously and without any caution to protecting his supposed identity all for some girl that he only just met for a few minutes and has no clue if she’s in Carney’s gang or an innocent bystander or the other mole agent he was told was working the case as well. Nothing he does is ever tricky or quiet in order to protect his cover: DEMERIT

Marion- I have to give Marion a Half-DEMERIT for believing for one second that a ruthless mob of killers were going to let her and her brother walk away scot-free with everything they know about Carney’s illegal doings. It just seems really naïve.

Jerry- But if his sister is too trusting, Jerry is a frickin’ dimwit. Even after knowing everything about Carney, he still thinks that a little bit of cash is going to allow him to walk away to blab his secrets once he’s safe? No. And DEMERIT.

A special DEMERIT goes to Carney henchman, Harold “Mugsy” Winthrop, who is one of those entirely too loose of lips kind of guys. He also tends to be a knucklehead and is a clear security risk to the entire illegal operation of Carney’s. I don’t know how he wasn’t eliminated early on.

And as much as I complimented Carney on her operating openly as a woman in charge, her organizational skills and communications between herself and her men is implied by circumstances to be incredibly bad. In fact, just knowing and recognizing each other is hit and miss in her organization. She gets a DEMERIT for … everything having to do with actually running her criminal empire. She gives female criminal masterminds a bad name.

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