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Best of / Worst of Character Moments: Angel & Faith


Welcome back online acquaintances and those of you still visiting as “anonymous”. Here we are with our second “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” posting. And we’re going to be taking a look at Angel & Faith this time out. A little later, I’ll also be posting the review for Angel & Faith’s latest issue, so we’re going to visit with them twice.

This time it’s A&F, Season 01/Angel, Season 9 (according to DH)/Angel, Season 7 (according to me) - Issue 04.

Our main players for our inspection are: Angel and Faith.

Our Heroes: We Cheer!

Angel: As horrible as it is, I approve of Angel beheading the poor Mohra-blood-stricken humans to put them out of their misery at their own requests. Half-KUDO for that mercy.

Faith: And Faith will also get herself a Half-KUDO for the same.

I’m giving a KUDO to the Mutated-Cell Humans who chose to ignore their own suffering long enough to help out against Pearl and Nash and to warn the demon customers against risking the use of any more of the Mohra’s blood.

Our Heroes: We Not-Cheer!

Angel- I’m not handing Angel a demerit, despite my continued lack of enthusiasm for trying to resurrect Rupert.

Faith- I can understand Faith’s need for such a distraction in the losing battle with Nash and Pearl, but I don’t approve of her tactic in giving the Wonder Psycho-Twins a vial of the Mohra Blood. I have to submit a Half-DEMERIT.

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