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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Hey Gang.

I have at least three postings coming up for you today and our first one is a “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments” post for Buffy, Season 09.

So let’s take a gander at Issue 04 with a critical eye toward our characters’ behaviors and see where we can praise them and where we have to demerit them. Our focus characters for this issue are: Buffy, Spike, Dowling, Cheung, and Eldre Koh.

Our Characters Are Awesome People!

Buffy: I liked Buffy using the old stand by stake to break Sev’s concentration at a crucial moment, but that isn’t enough for a kudo.

Spike: It’s nice that Spike was broadcasting for backup by the Scooby Gang, but that doesn’t earn a kudo. I do appreciate him using his brains, instead of just blundering into action without a care, though.

Robert: Robert saves the lives of Koh and Spike, and saves Buffy from being de-powered. Not bad for a regular guy with a gun. KUDO

Miranda: No kudos for Miranda, again.

Eldre: I’ve nothing to hand to Koh.

I’m going to hand Simone Doffler a Half-Anti-KUDO for her plan against Buffy. I still think [as I mentioned in commentary on the review] that this is inconsistent for her character this early in her campaign against Buffy, but I do like how she pointed an energy siphon against her self-declared nemesis. It was a pretty despicable plan to not only drain Buffy of her powers, but to leave her to be arrested and incarcerated by the police for murdering all of the vampires that have been left laying around.

I’ll have to add a Half-Anti-KUDO to Severin as well for his planning. Having somehow captured and imprisoned a whole ‘nother room of zompires for later draining in case Buffy didn’t go down as easily as he hoped was really smart.

Our Characters Disappoint Us!

Buffy- Oh, Buffy. The guy was draining you with his touch, so tackling him and being within easy touching range seems like poor tactics to me… and kinda obviously so. Half-DEMERIT: you know I care lots about you, please be more careful.

William- And you, Spike. Same thing… The Siphon! Stop getting within arm’s reach! Half-DEMERIT.

Robert- I don’t have a demerit lying in wait for Dowling.

Miranda- I generally dislike Miranda’s attitude, but she doesn’t earn a demerit.

Eldre- I’ve no demerits to hand to the demon.

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