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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Buffy


Good Morning and welcome, welcome, welcome.

Today we’re posting an entry in our Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments series for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Our last few entries have been for the comic book, so we’re going to take a look at the television series today, which brings us to “Faith, Hope & Trick”.

Our Focus Players are: Buffy, Joyce, Rupert, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Oz and newcomer Faith the Vampire Slayer (for now, as we all can guess I’m sure, Faith will be all over the map when it comes to these lists).

Our Characters Are Cheer-Worthy!

Buffy: I’ve not a kudo to hand to our Slayer.

Joyce: Who doesn’t like the idea that Joyce managed to get over on Snyder… and when you consider the Sunnydale power structure arrayed against Buffy, I’m ready to hand her a Half-KUDO.

Giles: I want to give a Half-KUDO to Rupert for how he handled bringing out Buffy’s trauma by not confronting her to tell him all about it, but by faking that he needed to know to seal up Acathla for good. A little white lie was what was needed to help Buffy unburden herself from the trauma she was holding onto.

Wills: Willow is certainly super-cute-ing this episode, but that doesn’t earn a kudo.

Xan: I’ve nothing to hand to Xander.

Cordy: Cordelia doesn’t earn a kudo.

Oz: Oz doesn’t earn himself a kudo.

Faith: Faith does manage to get her vengeance on Kakistos for the death of her Watcher and she gains a Half-KUDO.

I’m willing to give a Half-Anti-KUDO to Mr. Trick for his being smart, successful and not tied down by old thinking. He’s a different kind of vampire and he makes it out undusted.

Our Characters Are Shameful!

Buffy- I’m a bit annoyed by Buffy’s initial reactions to Faith. She seems a bit petty of the new girl right off the bat. This just causes more friction than is necessary between them, even outside of Buffy’s natural reaction to Angel/Angelus constantly being mentioned. Half-DEMERIT to the brat-behavior.

Joyce- Joyce doesn’t do anything to grate my nerves.

Giles- Giles isn’t a boob this episode.

Willow- Willow worries with her trying out magic on her own without supervision and some of her spells she’s tried sound inherently dangerous, but right now there isn’t a demerit. Although she does come really close to a half one for being so pushy about the Scott/Buffy possible dating… it really bugs me.

Xander- No demerits for Xander.

Cordelia- No mark against Queen C.

Oz- Oz so rarely does anything worthy of a demerit and this isn’t one of those times.

Faith- Faith comes out clean, though I did think she owed Rupert and Buffy that heads up about Kakistos. I can understand her not being able to face it however, after what she saw happen to her Watcher.

I’m sure that Scott is a nice enough guy, if confused, but he’s acting a little too desperate to hook up with Buffy and it turns creepy with the ring-before-the-first-date thing. Half-DEMERIT [sorry to pile on, Scott].


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