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Spanderverse entries

I've posted two chapters of Spanderverse: Dracula in the spanderverse community.

Chapter 8 - Xander's Switch

The gang rush to Giles' for an emergency Scooby meeting. Dracula confronts and subverts Xan's loyalties.

Chapter 9 - Lust at First Bite

While Riley is bribing and threatening Spike for his help, Buffy is being seduced by the master vampire.

In personal news: it's frickin' freezing!! We've been hit with the major snow storm that has already swept the rest of the Midwest, but the Island remains in a center of calm. While the areas around us have gotten 6-10 inches, we've skated by with 2... maybe. It's still snowing now, but its light, small flakes, so it appears we've missed the major nasty. Thankfully I don't work today!

Happy New Year... may 2008 bring more peace and economic prosperity to the world than 2007 ended up giving us.

Tags: btvs, dracula, holiday, spanderverse

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