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13 May 2015 @ 02:54 pm
Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: Angel & Faith  

Hey. Time again to visit Angel and Faith to see where our heroes shined and where they faltered for another “Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments”. Our title for today is, oddly enough, Angel & Faith. We’ll call this either A&F, Season 1 or Angel, Season 7. Either way, it’s issue 3 and our two heroes are still trying to “Live Through This”.

Our focus characters will of course be: Faith, Angel but will also include Alasdair Coames (a former pal of Rupert and ex-magic user) and Nadira of the London Slayers.

Our Characters Show Off Their Best!

Faith: I loved Faith in this issue and will just issue a Half-KUDO for all of her great fighting, while also struggling to keep Nadira and Angel on the rail.

Angel: Angel pulls out that detective experience to wisely manipulate the bad guys into revealing where his target is: Half-KUDO.

Alasdair: I like Alasdair’s entire attitude about his recent magic loss and award him a Half-KUDO for helping Angel and Faith and not holding a grudge.

Nadira: I’m not giving Nadira a kudo.

I feel badly for the Mohra demon, but I’ve got to respect his choice to opt out over becoming captured again. Knowing he’s too weak to fight, he smashes his own head gem. Inconvenient for Angel, but honorable and I grant him a Half-KUDO.

Our Characters: What Best? They Suck!

Faith- I’ve nothing to demerit Faith for.

Angel- Angel doesn’t do anything to annoy me.

Alasdair- Alasdair doesn’t earn himself a demerit.

Nadira- She’s really out of control and gets a DEMERIT for starting a bar brawl among normal guys. Drunk and ready to turn to fists a little easily perhaps, but still just guys.