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Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: X-Files


Welcome back to another edition of Best Of / Worst Of Character Moments: The series where we weigh the actions of our main characters to praise them when they’re respectable and deride them when not.

Our subject for this post will be The X-Files, with our episode being “Space”.

Our main characters remain: Fox Mulder & Dana Scully.

Our Characters Are Great!

Fox: I’ll give Fox a Half-KUDO for putting the entire puzzle together after using good, old detective work and lots of file reading.

Dana: I like that Dana has to take the lead on the investigation when it comes to Belt because of Mulder’s fanboyishness, but there isn’t a kudo in there.

I’m issuing Michelle Generoo a KUDO for not taking any chances. As soon as she gets an anonymous package suggesting something is hinky at NASA, she immediately brings in somebody who can investigate without making it a major PR nightmare.

I’m issuing a Half-KUDO to Mission Control for their help in saving the shuttle crew from the various “malfunctions” throughout the episode.

I’m also issuing a KUDO to the Shuttle Command Crew, who meet each challenge and survive the multiple incidents during the mission and still gets their primary task accomplished.

A KUDO goes to Marcus Belt for trying to stop his alien intruder by sending the clue package to Michelle in the first place.

Our Characters Are Awful!

Fox- I’m going to issue Mulder a Half-DEMERIT for allowing his fan worship to cloud his judgment. It takes him far too long to agree that Marcus Belt seems to be acting oddly and should be considered as a suspect in the malfunctions going on.

Dana- What the hell, Scully? How can you be a medical doctor and not insist that Michelle go to the infirmary for a full work up after that car crash she had earlier that evening? Half-DEMERIT

I’ve got to give a DEMERIT to Michelle Generoo for surely forgetting all of her ‘public relations’ training and shouting about shuttle malfunctions in a hotel hallway. You can bet that the shuttle’s problems are now going to be front page news before anyone actually knows if there is a serious problem thanks to her.

The Congress Critters get a DEMERIT for looking for excuses to scrub NASA’s budget instead of taking a look at their own bloated office budgets. Congress-persons are the worst.

I’m giving the Alien Ghost Face a DEMERIT for … well, basically it’s twofold. Its attempts to destroy the shuttle and thereby convince humanity to stop peeking out there is clumsy and there were easier ways to accomplish the goal. But in addition to that, Its very motives are highly questionable since mankind can still check out a hell of a lot of real estate “out there” even with unmanned probes which apparently weren’t being interfered with. What is this thing’s point?

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